Videos: Gwen and Pharrell On Their Connection and “Spark The Fire”

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In a new set of interviews from The Voice red carpet earlier this week on Monday, Gwen and Pharrell couldn’t stop talking about her upcoming new single “Spark The Fire” and the connection they’ve had over the past decade.

Gwen says “Spark The Fire” was inspired by working together with Pharrell on The Voice and was notably recorded over several sessions in September. She continues by saying that the single will define her latest solo adventure and says “Spark The Fire” should be out “anytime now”. Pharrell commented that the track is about “feminism”.

In a recent interview with Buzzfeed, Gwen didn’t reveal too much about her upcoming album but said “Spark The Fire” will be on the way very soon. When she teased the track on-air with Amp 97.1 back in September, host Carson Daly raved about the song and brought up the idea of Gwen and Pharrell performing “Spark The Fire” together on The Voice near Thanksgiving.

The “Spark The Fire” music video was filmed with director Sophie Muller and has her teaming up with visual effects masters Flawless FX. Gwen reportadly shot the video in Los Angeles on October 10.

Not only are Gwen and Pharrell ready for this track to be out, but so are the fans. If you missed it, check out the full version of “Spark The Fire” that Pharrell played for everyone live on-stage via his phone during the Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival.

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