Videos: Behind The Scenes Of Gwen’s L’Oreal Commercial And Photo Shoot

Amazing! L’Oreal Paris has added a couple of videos showing more behind-the-scenes footage of Gwen’s debut commercial for the lip color and more from her photo shoots. She looks STUNNING! We will have more screen caps up shortly for everyone!

She found shooting the commercial very different cause the product wasn’t hers. Not her video, not her clothing and whatnot. She loved the experience because it was so different and exciting. Gwen also shot a spanish version of the commercial, which she isn’t used to speaking. They actually shot the close-up mouth shots with various items, but went with the candy, diamonds and Eiffel Tower. This was one of the longest shoots for Gwen and she says she felt more comfortable with it after the first day after meeting everyone.

Gwen says it felt surreal at the photo shoot cause she never thought she would be doing this with L’Oreal. She mentions that it all came together really fast. “I love playing dress up, I love playing Barbie”. Gwen says that the L’Oreal team blew her mind so be around so many inspiring and creative people. She has mentioned interviews before how she wouldn’t be interested in something like this, but she felt like no was the right time. She looks at this opportunity as really fun after being in the studio with No Doubt this whole past year. The timing was just right for her.

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