Video: Vogue Shares Gwen’s Style Anecdote

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Vogue magazine has shared a new short video interview with Gwen where she discusses her past where she was “anti-fashion”. Gwen loved the punk look but didn’t know where it came from.

She tells the story of how the band was getting ready to shoot the video for “Spiderwebs” and No Doubt was on their own stylistically wise. Gwen continues by saying how she had some really awesome punker pants but needed a top to go with it for the video. While shopping in Melrose, Gwen came across a bunch of corset tops that she fell in love with. She saved up her pennies and eventually bought her first designer piece, a Vivienne Westwood $800 floral corset. Gwen said at the time she had no idea who Westwood was and feels so lucky to have had eventually met her and is still one of her biggest fashion icons. Westwood even made a dress just for Gwen and feels like everything she tries on feels like it’s just for her. “I love that clash of feminine and masculine. It’s everything that I love.”

8 Replies to “Video: Vogue Shares Gwen’s Style Anecdote”

  1. She has too much money now and the paparazzi are taking so much pics of her because of her style so I guess she has to be upscale desinger trendy

  2. I thought those last pap pics of her sporting a grungy look were really good! I could see her doing something like that (it could even be a little trendy too).

  3. Gwen Stefani’s style is STILL amazing, and still very influenced by her old days with No Doubt. If you check out her paparazzi photos starting a few years back, she has managed to use high fashion stuff to capture a more “classic Gwen” look. She’ll pair really expensive items with ripped up ones, and still have a lot of her classic feminine meets masculine silhouettes. Lots of harem pants, Vans, red Dr. Martins, ska t-shirts, black and white stripes, black and white checkers, etc etc etc

  4. I like Gwen’s style a lot, but she hasn’t been cutting edge in a long time. Probably since her first solo album in my opinion… I’d like to see her experiment and get creative again for the next ND era!

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