Video: “Used To Love You” Music Video Premiere

After dropping her new single “Used To Love You” late last night, Gwen has released the gorgeous music video this morning to go with it. Directed by longtime friend and collaborator Sophie Muller, the entire video focuses on Gwen’s face and emotions while mouthing a few parts of the song.

It’s incredible to watch and feels like an intimate moment that we are not used to seeing from Gwen. Throughout the video, Gwen does an amazing job of expressing many phases of emotions including sadness, anger and confidence. It’s hard not to feel what she’s going through, and as a longtime fan, a little tough to watch. The video is not flashy in any way, but we feel like it’s perfect for the song and very beautiful. The footage was premiered behind Gwen while performing in New York this past weekend.

“Used To Love You” cracked the top 10 this morning on iTunes and has been receiving universal praise from critics and fans. Make sure to purchase the song on either iTunes, Google Play and/or Amazon and keep streaming to support Gwen!

22 Replies to “Video: “Used To Love You” Music Video Premiere”

  1. Ok, I guess she wanted to do something like a 90s music video , but that song deserved a better video. Maybe if it had been combined with other different clips it would have been better. Well… at least the song is good.

  2. No offense, but I think if her face wasn’t looking so frozen, it would be a better video, because her gestures would be natural and so more emotional… just my opinion… The song is good, super catchy

  3. I really like the video. I’m glad it’s not the usual parade of couture outfits or animation. It’s simple, yet powerful and it really let’s the song shine.

  4. Say something nice Rose Marie…at least there’s no product placement this time! 😀

    Seriously though, I am starting to like the song esp the studio version.

    But the video…

  5. I guess the video makes sense in combination with the song since UTLY is about her divorce and obviously a divorce isn’t stylish. I have to admit that the video has some unintentional comical parts where she seems like a teenager practising “sad faces” in front of a mirror lol. I agree with The Batcaver that maybe it would’ve been better to add some different clips. I don’t think the video will get many views/streams, because it really isn’t very exciting for non-fans to watch.

  6. What @rosemarie said….. Say something nice bob…. The song is amazing…. But who can deny her face looking tight… A lil too tight if u know what I mean, not digging this video

  7. @Bob I would not recommend freezing the vid at 3:17 …

    It’s brave though to make a video like this, and to share it with the world.

    1. Every single time I watch that part it sends shivers up my body. It’s like… really hard to watch. I respect her so much for releasing something like this but it feels a little too intimate… if that makes sense.

  8. Yeah it is a very intimate video. I’ve seen positive reviews for the song but the video is getting mixed reviews. Not sure how I feel about it. I like that it’s so real and emotionally driven like the song but I also wonder what it would be like if she did a video more like “Cool”

  9. I think the downside of the video is that you only need to watch it once to get the picture. For non-fans I mean.

  10. @Bob no BDL peaked at #6 STF didn’t even come close I think #40 or so. Settle Down peaked at #5. If it cracks the top 4 it will be the first gwen/no doubt song to do so! 🙂

  11. I’m so happy/proud of her!!! Especially given her situation, I’ve gained even more respect for her. I just don’t think the video is flattering… It really showcases her “work”. &&& for Christ sakes that black tipped bang thing has to freakin GO already

  12. & speaking from maybe an outsider/non-fan/someone that doesn’t know about her heartache and personal life situation this video is extremely ridiculous . If it becomes a hit I can totally see people parodying this video with her dramatic over the top facial expressions…& making fun of it. I really think they could’ve done better

  13. I actually think the simpleness of the video makes it more powerful. STF was way too overdone and I like that she used the momentum and released the single and video so quickly, rather than letting the buzz after her live show cool off.

  14. Bob, I think you’re too focused on the video. It’s just a video, that was probably meant to be used exclusively for the show, but seeing how much the song was being so well received, they decided to upload it to youtube. If the video makes you so upset cause she can’t move her eyebrows, don’t watch it. Are we going to sacrifice her because of that now? It’s her face and she does whatever she wants with it.

  15. I kinda like it! It’s like, you think she’d be singing it, but really she’s feeling it. Like the words are all so personal and introspective that it feels like she is just thinking the words and we are reading her mind. But she also starts off looking lost but by the end she’s like “hey, you lost out, sucka” and seemingly more confident

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