Video: “Used To Love You” Live on ‘The Voice’

Gwen took The Voice stage tonight to perform her new single “Used To Love You” and it was simply angelic. She not only looked and sounded amazing, the whole performance itself was so beautiful. Creative director and good friend Sophie Muller was with Gwen during rehearsals yesterday and the resulted performance was incredible and her best yet!

She performed the the song in full (which wasn’t shortened like her AMAs performance) and the percussion was amped up throughout the song which gave was a really nice added touch.

We couldn’t be any more proud of Gwen and thank her and The Voice for giving fans an incredibly powerful performance of “Used To Love You”. The performance is also giving the single another boost on the iTunes charts so make sure to pick it up (and gift to a friend!) to support!

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  1. By far the best performance of Used to Love You! Finally what I imagined the song performed live would look like since first hearing it. Loved her beautiful gown, the subtle makeup, her marilyn inspired hair, the flowers and beautiful set. It was incredible!!!

  2. I liked the AMAs performance but it didn’t come together right. Her look and setup was too edgy for the song. This look suits the song perfectly

  3. Yes. Yes. Everything , Yes! Love that Gwen included her signature floral, wisteria ( remember that cool wisteria track during her first lamb show?) and all the stripped-down drama this song deserves. You can tell she really really means this song every time she sings it. And not to sound cheesy, but did you see how starry-eyed and smitten Blake looked ;-)? What a great time for Gwen and Gwen fans alike!

  4. Wow, awesome job Gwen! I went to watch it for a second time and it looks like they cut the clip short. I don’t see Pharell’s and Blakes’s standing ovation anymore. Am I crazy?

  5. So beautiful. Her hair, makeup and dress were great. But was she even wearing something under that dress? It looked like she was naked underneath, couldn’t see any panties or anything :O

  6. She looked/sounded/performed like the seasoned icon that she is! THANK GOD noooo more foolish black tips/emoji rapping mom!!!!!!!! Not saying anything bad about her performance she did great but I’ve never cared for her “girly”/ballads… The songs great don’t get me wrong but I’m ready for a song that is gonna bump off my car speakers and the more daring/ridiculous looks…

  7. The song is #16 on iTunes! Wow! And it could be #9 without the voice performances. I think the voice audience embraced the song. Well done, Gwen!

    And great news, the song re-entered the Billboard Hot 100 at #77 (Debut was #84)

    Canadian Hot 100: #71 RE-ENTRY USED TO LOVE YOU Gwen Stefani (Debut was #57)

  8. She looked like an angel.

    I’m ready for a new song since I’ve overplayed UTLY to death LOL I hope an SNL booking is coming up so she can perform a possible 2nd single contender! 😀

      1. That’s what I’m hoping for! It’s never too soon to test out a 2nd single! SNL would be perfect for that.

  9. I just want an album release date I don’t want them to keep beating around the bush. Might be too late. Just set a date already

  10. I loved the performance. It’s so cool, she does the same little head dance that she did in the Don’t Speak video.

  11. I think it’s too soon for a 2nd single. UTLY is still building up to become a major hit. I’d say to release a new song in January only.

  12. I don’t think UTLY is gonna get much bigger. We’ll see in few months but I think it’s sort of peaking now, which is fine. Awesome build up for a rad 2nd single – balled or uptempo doesn’t matter, it has a lot of potential given the positive response to her 1st. I’m so excited for whats to come, I feel like she’s got good stuff for us. I remember her saying in a recent radio interview “In my head Ive already moved on to the 2nd single, because I have written so much new stuff” or something to that effect. Im downnnnnn take my moneyyyyyyy!!!!!

    1. Yeah I agree about this being the peak. I don’t think it’s going to be a massive hit, but it has done really well considering the circumstances. She has set herself up nicely for a second single. Hopefully she will test out or release one in January to keep the momentum going.

  13. #11 on itunes! 🙂 The performance was amazing even if it kept people wondering if they were looking through Gwen’s skirt. She looked incredible and really maximized the song, but I am also looking forward to the second single. Beginning of January would be perfect.

  14. It’s still at #7! I’ve seen it go to 8 and then back. It’s doing so well! Besides the Voice songs, it’s only behind “Hello” and “Sorry.” I hope I hear it more on the radio now.

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