Video: “Used To Love You” Live on ‘Ellen’ (Updated)

Check out Gwen’s television live debut of her new single “Used To Love You” on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Ellen revealed that Gwen shared the song with her in [Gwen’s] bathroom and then shared the music video with her last week and said she was “blown away”. Gwen sounded incredible and it was nice to see Steve and Gabe there backing her up on stage. “Used To Love You” comes across just as beautiful and emotional live and we hope her performance gives the single more boost.

Ellen also shared that Gwen is set to return to the show “in a couple of weeks”! And if you want to watch this performance live, make sure to tune into Ellen today on NBC.

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  1. I loved it, but I’m surprised the audio was a bit low. Normally it sounds really good on Ellen. I’m waiting to watch it on TV, via stream later.
    I liked this intimate environment. IT almost looked like she was mourning. That’s odd. I hope she performs an acoustic version at some point.

  2. man, i hope the live version gets released. the lack of autotune actually helps the song feel much more immediate.

    1. I second this. the autotune is killing the vibe and it’s making her voice less powerful to me. But it’s still a very powerful and beautiful song none the less.

  3. Gwen looked really cute. I didn’t realize she and Ellen were friends LOL Was there an interview too? I’m so glad we have a better live version of the song! I guess I’m just lucky, but I don’t hear all the auto-tune everyone is talking about with the studio version?

    1. Yeah I also don’t hear the autotune. Lol they make it sounds like she’s Britney Spears or something. I know there are some effects in the studio but her voice sounds fine to me.

      And yeah Ellen and Portia seem to be friends Gwen. They have been spotted going to Gwen’s house for a couple of times.

      1. I heard the auto-tune on the streaming version that was posted on the site at one point, but the iTunes version sounds much better than that. There’s probably auto-tune in it, but it’s not distracting to me. I guess my iPhone and computer are special haha

        1. the iTunes file is definitely better than the stream one. there’s still some autotune on it but it has been adjust down a lot compare to the stream one.

    2. No, looks like it was just the performance. Ellen did announce that she’ll be back on the show in a couple of weeks though. This seemed like her label’s attempt to get the single promoted quickly (and Ellen might have wanted her to perform, too).

  4. Gabe and Stephen in the background! Did they play at her NYC show too (I didn’t pay attention). I love how she presents herself so raw and authentic now. LAMB and Sweet Escape were so over the top with the Harajuku Girls and all. Now she’s just wearing jeans and a white top like she does when she runs errands. I loved her other eras, but now she’s way more relatable and sensitive. It goes well with the song, too.

  5. She should be dressing the part for this song. Ballgown and all. This is a very sexy and seductive song. Looking like she is going to a pumpkin patch isn’t the right look. She sounded good.

  6. Really good performance! I like the song now and I hope Gwen is enjoying the whole process this time around. Let’s just be happy for Gwen and the fact she is writing from her heart again and not for popularity and money. 🙂
    I think Adeles new song is terrible by the way lol.if people want to make that hyena sounding woman number one then I’m glad Gwen is nowhere near there. 😉

  7. I actually like that she’s not wearing a gown like she did for Start A War. I’m loving the more causal everyday look. It’s more humble and suits the song better. Now if she performs at the AMAs then maybe she should wear something different.

  8. I think a gown would be too much for this song, because it’s so personal. It’s about her divorce and a divorce is nothing glamorous. I think it wouldn’t feel authentic, if she wore something super fancy while performing it. I actually liked the outfit she was wearing in NY. It was black and elegant, but at the same time humble and not too dressed up. I also liked her outfit on Ellen, though.

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