Updated: ‘The Voice’ Coaches Virtual Reality Promo

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The Voice has shared a new behind-the-scenes and making of video of the Virtual Reality promo.

The Voice has shared a brand new and psychedelic promo video of the season 9 coaches testing out virtual reality headsets that will bring them a “new Voice experience”.

After putting on the headsets, the coaches are transformed into a crazy colorful world that sees Adam Levine riding in by unicorn. Just like previous promos, the coaches are then drawn to a voice and has them all darting off to make it to the singer first. Gwen transforms and flys off as a butterfly until she’s swatted down by Pharrell Williams and his net.

It’s pretty cute and matches the artful look the show seems to be taking on for season 9.

7 Replies to “Updated: ‘The Voice’ Coaches Virtual Reality Promo”

  1. Haa that is actually really cool! Alternative and funky idea, Gwen is more gorgeous than the drawing but it’s still a cool idea 😀

  2. I think it looks like her, not as gorgeous as the real Gwen though! And it does sound like her, just more cartoony if that makes any sense. Love it!

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