Video: ‘The Voice’ Coaches Chat with ‘TODAY’


Heading into the semi-finals tonight, The Voice coaches sat down and chatted with TODAY about the season in a quick interview.

Gwen says that being on The Voice is “so rewarding in so many ways” and finds herself taking more from the show personally than she ever expected.

The interview turns a little awkward when Gwen and Blake are put on the spot in regards to their relationship status and Adam starts cracking everyone up when he attempts to sing and change the subject.

9 Replies to “Video: ‘The Voice’ Coaches Chat with ‘TODAY’”

  1. Not too awkward…Adam is good at helping them dodge questions LOL Does Pharrell fit in with the group? He kinda seems like the odd man out?

    Off topic – was UTLY submitted for a grammy nom or was it too late?

  2. UTLY was released too late to be nominated for a Grammy. Hopefully Gwen will be allowed to perform it, though.

  3. That sucks. By the time it’s eligible a year from now it will already be “old” or forgotten (by industry standards.)

  4. Btw “Used to Love you” has peaked at #52 this week. I hope it can make the top 40 at least and become a moderate hit

  5. Aww, I’m surprised it’s only managed #52
    After all these performances, promo, being so high on itunes…
    I just don’t get how it can only reach #52, I thought that must make it in the top 20 really!

  6. Unless she has something else up her sleeve, I think that’s going to be as high as it’s going to get. I think radio has been the problem. I’ve only heard it once. Even so, it exceeded expectations IMO.

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