Video: “The Sweet Escape” and “Spark The Fire” Live at HYDE Sunset

Check out a high quality video from OHSOGRAY of Gwen performing her short live set during the Voice exclusive event held at HYDE Sunset in West Hollywood last night.

She took to the stage and performed her classic “The Sweet Escape” and had Pharrell Williams on-hand for “Spark The Fire”. She looked and sounded incredible and it was great to hear her live again!

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  1. TSE is probably my favorite solo song 🙂 She needs to lose the backing vocals on STF. It’s too loud and she doesn’t need them.

  2. If it wasn’t for gwens kick ass attitude and stage presence STF would have blowed next to TSE. TSE definitely a better song and still sounds great live! I really hope gwen does at least one full solo setlist so we can hear songs like “cool” “rich girl” “wind it up” “luxurious” and hopefully “early winter” again live!

  3. That was soo amazing. Her energy and liveliness is out of this world. This music is breathing a whole new life into her, and it really shows when she’s singing Spark the Fire. I love it!

    Sweet Escape sounded fine, but I think her team needs to revamp it and make it new for her, so she can be excited to sing it again. That’s how Madonna does it, she changes crap around until it feels refreshing. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

  4. I love the idea of her performing some new mixes of her songs. It would be interesting. Kylie Minogue does that on her tours, too.

  5. TSE has aged really well and it makes STF look kinda bad in direct comparison. Gwen looked and sounded really good in both songs, though.

  6. She looked like she was having so much fun- her stage presence is magic!!!!! I liked hearing Start the Fire with more of a rock edge with the live band… Would be cool to see hear No Doubt perform it just for fun sometime.

  7. That was awesome! So much energy on that little stage. Haha! You can tell she wanted to run around. lol It reminded me of Old School No Doubt. She even did a little vibrato at the end of TSE.

    1. I totally caught that interscope line. Im pretty sure that was some what of a diss. Its really evident that interscope wanted BDL to be the Song gwen did all the promotion on and last minute she kind switched gears and did STF to what seems like little support from the Label. Her brand is so strong that she’s still getting these great deals and promo and it might be a big *F U to interscope. This is all speculation but idk why they would throw that in there randomly. I wonder if she will eventually part ways with Interscope. Either way, she’s killing it in these performances!

  8. Ok someone pointed it out on twitter and I had to watch it again, Pharrell says “Interscope” just after Gwen sings “Hey! Get off my cloud! Hey! Get off my style!” @ the 7:38 mark. Lol I think it’s a diss at interscope for not wanting to release STF? What do you guys think? Or are some of the lyrics about interscope?

  9. Gwen sounds so great on the Sweet Escape! 🙂 Always liked that song. The musicians don’t really do anything half the time lol, there was clearly a backing band. Still a treat, this performance.

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