Video: Team Gwen Performs “You Get What You Give” on ‘The Voice’

Tonight we were treated to a special Team Gwen performance of the 90s hit by the New Radicals “You Get What You Give”. They all sounded spectacular and the song matched each artists vocals perfectly in places — plus Gwen was fantastic! We loved the trippy-colorful vibes the performance was given and it was wonderful to see Gwen let loose and rock out a little.


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  1. Oh the 90s. I’m so happy they rocked out an awesome song from my favorite era.:) Gwen looked beautiful as always.

  2. I think the original version of this song is so corny and total one hit wonder— that being said the song never sounded so good to me lol! And I agree with the rest of you Gwen totally flashed me back to past eras. Going back to this past weekend watching the AMA’s and seeing Alanis Moressette and Gwen on the same bill performing I thought wow both these women came out in 1995 and 20years later they’re still performing on one of the biggest award shows… The only difference is Gwen was performing a brand new hit and Alanis was doing a song from ’95. Then tonight to see Gwen explode with this confidence on one of Americas biggest shows, I’m just soooooo happy for her and so happy alllll these years later she still makes me smile and I continue to support!

  3. I love this team performance, I thought it was the best of all 4 for sure! what a lovely surprise, Team Gwen made me proud. They seem really close and like they enjoyed the song so much. Gwen sounded great, Happy the team made it full last night!

  4. Also I love hearing Gwen vocals in songs like this, I think is just much more suited for her. And she stands out for her amazing stage presence, even when shes not singing and just standing there shes feeling the music and transmiting that. Like I said before, Love the performance!

  5. Hm… I guess I am the only here, who thinks that this song really did nothing for any of them? They all sound really flat and out of key, no? Weird song choice… I actually enjoyed all the team performances this season, but this one was kinda… painful to watch. Gwen looks absolutely fantastic, though.

  6. I love this song and loved the performance… but seems like Jeffrey got all the glory big notes?? Idk he is clearly the best of the team but maybe Korin and Braiden could have got a fairer share?

  7. It seemed like there were parts of deadspace where they were supposed to ab lib or do vocal runs and they were just quiet….It seemed like she was looking at them to do it and they didn’t. Its crazy how incredible her stage presence is, I totally agree ^^^. I wasn’t a huge fan of the groups performance but she was great!!!!!

  8. I’m glad I’m not the only one that didn’t like the song choice.. I thought Gwen was cooler than this song. But her stage presence is amazing with any song

  9. I even thought Gwen would sing the “Courtney Love and Marilyn Manson” part. lol That would have been interesting!
    This song takes me back. I used to rock to this in the 90s. I thought their performance was impressive!

  10. Hahaha, super surprised they left in the part about kicking Courtney Love’s ass considering the Hollback Girl feud.

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