Video: Team Gwen Performing “The Tide Is High” Live on Top 12 Results Show

During tonight’s Top 12 results show, Gwen performed John Holt and The Paragon’s “The Tide Is High” alongside her team including Anita Antoinette, Taylor John Williams and Ryan Sill.

Her vocal delivery was amazing and she looked absolutely flawless onstage in a short ensemble with pinned back curls. Great job, Team Gwen! We love The Voice for showcasing these special moments that we wouldn’t be able to see anywhere else.

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  1. People are saying gwen was lip syncing? didn’t think she was although it was pre recorded. Anyways gwen sounded great…not a fan of the shorts on her though.

  2. Yeah it’s obvious it was pre-taped but she was not lip syncing. And people on FB who say she sounded awful or that she’s too old for that outfit should get a life. Seriously.

  3. boring song, gwens voice a bit weirdo, dont like the outfit nor her short hair. and theat thin boy with that black hat is hot!

  4. Maybe the shorts we not the best choice, but hair and make up was good. Her team is doing good, she’s having fun and FINALLY her social media is shaking up.

  5. Love her entire outfit and look. Classic Gwen, but still looks fresh. Always happy to see Gwen cover Blondie. Blondie is so influential to No Doubt!

  6. I love that song! Nice to see Gwen singing it! How long it will take for her to perform a new single? 🙁

  7. Why are people knocking her shorts?! Her legs look flawless. I think the outfit is perfect, from the shorts to the Chanel cuffs to her hair. The baggy shirt mixed with long legs and booties/heels looks like a classic Gwen take on feminine meets masculine.

  8. Oh boy…that’s really bad lip syncing! She keeps pulling her mic away from her mouth before the sound fades…is it me or does it seem like she has weird spasms in her face now a days? Botox twitch? Love the outfit, love the song.

  9. I don’t think she was lip synching at all … I think her outfit was great … aand am I the only one who thinks she doesn’t have botox … I’ve seen close up pics and seen her in person …she seems to be aging gracefully … you’d be amazed to see what good lighting and great HD makeup can do without plastic surgery.

  10. I enjoy that the song but I swear Gwen was lip syncing! Her lips weren’t in sync with her words & the fade outs didn’t fade when she pulled the mic away. Just curious. They advertised in my area that it was a live performance. Does anybody know? Thanks!

  11. How could anyone not see that it’s live? You can hear her breathing and she has some timing problems towards the end of the song. Anyway, this is one GREAT performance! She looks so L.A.M.B. era and she sounds really good. I’m glad that her live singing has improved a lot lately since the P&S era.

  12. I swear some people are never satisfied. Be happy that Gwen is still around and performing. I’ve slowed down my comments on here lately cause I can’t stand reading some of the comments. Can you people please think twice before writing nonsense? You tend to overanalyse everything and forget she’s not a robot. I like when her voice isn’t always perfect or when she doesn’t take herself too seriously. Just show some appreciation. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. We can do better, guys!

  13. I’m glad they chose a song that compliments Gwen’s voice/style. Anyone with ears can tell she’s not lip syncing. Will this be available to purchase?

    And how exactly is her outfit not age appropriate? It’s not like she has her T&A hanging out like her contemporaries do. She hasn’t even shown off her tummy in years! I really hate people sometimes. Gwen looks great!

  14. She’s been sounding awesome lately!
    Her voice was great last night and actually refreshing to hear in this context, where nearly everyone sounds and sings the same way.
    She looked killer too!

  15. Great performance, great voice and super beautiful! 🙂
    Jesse I don´t know if she do botox, but she do something for sure! you have to compare an old pic whitout her red lipstick and one from these days, for example when she has the pink dress, there it is super visible, that her upper lip is more filled… and look how she moves her mouth when she talks, is too weird..

  16. I want to believe she is aware John Holt recently passed away and did that song in tribute. If she had managed to mention his name on prime time NBC I might have actually pooped my pants.

    My favorite ND song easily remains “Everything’s Wrong.”

  17. Pretty awesome all around!! Sounded great and she was having a great time. DANG!! why can’t i ever get tickets to a show when she performs?!?!?!?!

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