Video: “Spark The Fire” Live on The Voice

Here it is! Gwen took the stage tonight alongside producer and co-writer Pharrell Williams to debut her new single “Spark The Fire” live on The Voice. She sounded and looked fabulous and we’re looking forward to more performances from Gwen!

“Spark The Fire” is now available on all digital retailers as well as the new music video directed by Sophie Muller.

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  1. I was there and had a blast, the actual performance was taped at 4 pm and she performed it three times, loved every moment of it!

  2. Ok guys, tell me all about how that was not lip synced. So sad….BDL was infinitely better. This song (much like push and shove) is near impossible to perform live, she really needs to let go of the psuedo rapping. LOVE her outfit, mainly the shoes tho…

  3. Loved it! The set, visuals, dancers and theme was on point! Also gwen sounded great. I can see gwen incorporating the emojii theme everytime she performs STF like she incorporated other themes with past hits. Plus its back on itunes! NOW the new solo era has truly begun.

  4. Amazing!! I think I can forgive her now for not singing BDL!!!

    The props were really good, especially the cloud part and the ones with the little fire.

    I’m so glad that happened I was starting to really worry about her

  5. Congratulations Gwen!!! That’s what you call a comeback lol. the music video and the performance was everything. You could definitely tell she was passionate about this single and it means a lot to both her and pharelll. It had everything you could ask for and much more…the fashion, the beat, the imagination and of course “the guilty pleasure” music you could not deny.

  6. Let’s get something clear, in response to lizzy’s comment, I was there front and center standing by the stage, there was NO lip syncing. What may sound like lip syncing is just the chorus being repeated for the background vocals in Gwens own voice.

  7. I’d rather see her release music she is passionate about rather play it safe and I’m proud she pushed for spark the fire 🙂 … I guess she used up most her video budget with this one lol

  8. It was soooo gooood!!! Love the song & video & performance!!!

    Gwen don’t lip synch! Thanks CLAUDIA so jealous but happy you got too see it so many times!!

  9. Wow the performance was amazing! If only the song wasn’t such a monotonous drag. I had a blast watching this performance, but I really felt like muting the sound about halfway through, because that song is so repetitive.

  10. Yeahyeahyeah – I agree with you…especially after the bridge….it’s very repetitive as if there should be another verse. The performance was magical though…reminded me of the WYWF promo.

  11. Lizzy, she sang live, but, she also used a track for vocals on the background, thats why it sounded like she was lip syncing the song.

  12. I was expecting to wake up and see it charting within the top 50 on itunes but I can’t find it anywhere! Whats going on?

  13. She most definitely didn’t lip-synched. She killed it! I’m so in love with this song. You have no idea! <3

  14. I think we will be getting used to that ball character thing she came down on in the intro, I can see her starting her concerts that way!! Maybe the new music/lyrics arent the greatest ever, but Gwen could be on the stage tapping two spoons together and I wouldn’t care, I’d go see her and scream my brains out anyways!!!!

  15. I imagine this song is kind of tough to do live with the rapid lyrics, but I think she did really well and she clearly wasn’t lip syncing. As much as I like her friendship with Pharrell, I hope at some point she will perform on her own. I liked him showing up after she mentions “P”, but there wasn’t a need for him to stay for the rest of the performance when he had nothing to add except “say what” and “let’s go”.

  16. At this point I would say gwen should drop the album next week without any warning (like beyonce did last year) I dont think waiting until after the voice is done will help sales. The first single should have been promoted heavily. BDL could have been a minor hit. STF doesnt have the same impact mainly because its not the first single, meaning less public interest. I hate to be negative but this whole era like P&S is a mess. I would be happy if gwen just dropped the album right away instead of dragging it on until she gets a hit single. That way she could do a small tour next year and move on with ND stuff

  17. Yeah I agree. I have a feeling the campaign has been a bit of mess because of the apparent rifts between the label and Gwen’s camp on BDL/STF. If all this promo, the voice fiat and everything, had continued focus on BDL like it was supposed to origionaly, I think it could have done pretty well even though it isnt the strongest song IMO.

    I have to be honest, at first I was super excited about STF after hearing the clip on Carson. But now it’s starting to get a little grating after multiple listens. I was listening to it next to hollaback, and one of the big things is that there’s no variation in the vocal thru the whole song except the intro and bridge. She’s at the same high volume fast paced almost-yell the whole time till finally it’s like too much. Hollaback broke it up with less frantic verses that had a melody line as opposed to the whole song in the speak rap in STF.

    And also after listening for a while, something about the music/beats sounds really thin and kindof cheap. Don’t know how to explain. Hollaback, yummy and other P tracks just sound more full or something. (Ps now I’m really into yummy for the first time lol)

    Sorry this was super long, and don’t mean to be a downer. I’d love if the song blew up and proved me wrong!

  18. ^Cameron I get you. Bass shoulda been amped way up. Counter melody or at least clip of one thrown in for good measure. Fantastic song and creative as hell but I do see where it lacks compared to HBG.

  19. I think with a proper chorus and maybe an interesting sample (like the marching band in HBG) STF could be quite a nice tune, but now it feels more like something that probably should’ve been an one minute interlude on the album instead of a full song. Kudos to Gwen for believing in and supporting this song (sort of), but please no surprised faces if this turns out to be a total flop.

  20. I agree that this could be a total flop, she’s kind of promoting it, at least more than BDL now depends if the promotion is steady on radio the next few weeks. I guess monday was press day with Pharrell at the Four Seasons. I wish she was doing some radio Christmas shows, but I guess with a so-so new song will be hard.

  21. I agree that this song will end up being a flop UNLESS she gets out there and promotes it heavily within the next two weeks. BDL could have been a decent hit if they had gone with the original plan of performing it on The Voice. Hopefully this is a learning experience for Gwen, label and management. No matter what though, I’m still glad we got 4 new tracks with her (or featuring her) this year. Maybe she’s just having fun and doesn’t care if they are super successful. Plus she should be performing with whoever ends up being her finalist, right? And that track gets released on iTunes?

  22. I feel embarassed… It’s not lip syncing, but there are so many layers of pre-recorded layers, you can’t hear her actual voice. And that is much louder than the song itself (which I think is the main problem with STF, bad mixing).

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