Video: “Spark The Fire” Live on New Year’s Eve with Carson Daly (Updated)

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Check out the video of Gwen and Pharrell Williams performing her new single “Spark The Fire” live on New Year’s Eve with Carson Daly. The pair kicked off the new year with their pre-taped performance that aired on NBC.

Thank you to Greener Pastures for sharing her capture!

We would like to wish No Doubt and all our visitors a very Happy New Year and we can’t wait to see what 2015 brings us!

22 Replies to “Video: “Spark The Fire” Live on New Year’s Eve with Carson Daly (Updated)”

  1. It was a good performance and gwen looked great! But unfortunately the ship has sailed. Gwen needs to go back in the studio and finish up her album, write some better songs and come back with a strong single to promote.

  2. Whats done its done. Doubt at this point both are crying a river, with the gazillion changes she was doing to her album late last year I’m sure 2015 will better than 2014, positive vibe.

    Now that Shine leaked everywhere I think the song it’s ok. Hope the B.O numbers help it.

  3. I hear baby dont lie on radio more on radio than spark the fire so the first song might be more popular or it could be stations playing christmas movies some of the last few weeks. Yeah she needs more songs something more of a hit than those 2 but them songs are good. Has anyone heard if she might be going on tour this year????

  4. I doubt she’ll tour but I hope she does a couple of shows at least. Yeah STF had almost no airplay anyway past is the past. She should release the whole thing on itunes with videos/documentary included like Beyonce did. As long as it not as cheesy as Life Is But a Dream it will be awesome for fans, at this point I just want Gwen to keep doing music and if doesn’t work, go on and try again of course if she wants to. A hit will be amazing but for this year I have very low expectations. Hope for the best prepare for the worst. “c’est la vie”

  5. Great performance, great outfit, awsome energy, but I think at this point they need to stop with this G + P duo thing. Gwen wants to be a solo artist again, so I think she just needs to show the world what she can actually do on her own. “Hollaback Girl” was also a Pharrell production, but back then she never performed this song with Pharrell. She didn’t bring Linda Perry on stage for WYWF, either. I think people were definitely ready for this Gwen Stefani comeback, but I don’t think anybody asked for Pharrell being around her all the time…

  6. Seems like a good performance. I wonder if that will be her last time promoting it? I would like to hear it live without Pharrell. She looked cute.

    I never heard BDL or STF on the radio so you guys are lucky.

  7. She worked with tons of people, so new music should be out soon. Until then I hope Gwen keeps posting on her Instagram lol

  8. I’m pretty surprised STF never went anywhere and am curious to see what approach her next single takes. Seems she’s tried two differing styles with BDL and STF respectivley, and neither really got off the ground. I wonder if she even considers that in the next phase of songwriting…maybe she just does whatever. Excited to see what’s next!

  9. BDL was such a stronger single. It would have done much better if she put as much effort as she put behind STF. Oh well. Here’s to hoping the album has some more surprises in store.

  10. Again, I think BDL had stronger potential as a single and I wish the focus would have been on pushing that. A lot of reviewers are saying it’s a “grower” and that after a couple listens it’s really likable and all my friends were in love with (but they won’t get into spark the fire).

    As for the performance – yay! I actually was so busy on New Years I had forgotten about this until I happened to be walking in front of a big TV in the house of the party I was at. All the older adults of the house were watching the performance and someone in her 50s or 60s ran up behind the couch and started singing “SPARK THE FIRE SPARK THE FIRE”. Hahaha, it was beautiful! 🙂

  11. I really wish this song did not exist along with Baby Don’t Lie and Together. What is going on with all this crap music?

  12. IMO, this video is so good, a awesome pleasure. STF is her best song since her comeback. In futur, I hope a lot of songs like it (very punchy….)

  13. I love Spark The Fire, and it really represents her. I didn’t feel that connection with Baby Don’t Lie which is a bit generic. Anyone could have sung that song.

  14. I feel like there’s something weird going on with Spark the Fire. Behind the scenes-with interscope. The song has not even been added to her billboard chart history? Did they even release it to radio or is it just a promo single?

    Also- what happened to the song “Parental Advisory”? wrote a fairly elaborate article on the producer and the song.

  15. ^ The song isn’t on Billboard’s chart history because, unfortunately, it didn’t reach the Hot 100 upon its original release.

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