Video: “Spark The Fire” Featured In New Fiat Commercial

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Gwen’s new single “Spark The Fire” is featured in a brand new television commercial for car brand Fiat’s Gran Finale event. And it sounds amazing! Such a great promotional opportunity and the song sounds insane (we finally get a high quality taste of the single!)

Both Gwen and Pharrell (the song’s producer and co-writer) have been plugging the track and she hinted to as it coming “anytime now”. With this new promo spot, we can imagine it debuting sooner rather than later!

43 Replies to “Video: “Spark The Fire” Featured In New Fiat Commercial”

  1. So the big promo is going to be fo Spark The Fire, and she’s gonna perform it on the finale of The voice or something like that. So sad for Baby Dont Lie!

  2. Waiting for an announcement but I expect the song to be released next week. So exciting the new era is truly happening now!!

  3. Hm… this song will annoy the crap out of people I’m afraid. I’m glad there’s some promo finally, but I still think they should’ve stuck to BDL.

  4. Ooh I like this.. I’m very excited.. I wonder if much is going to be released in the Uk or not though? I’m happy enough seeing stuff online but I would still like to see some Gwen happen here…

  5. I don’t mind about the commercial but I don’t think the song fits. Hopefully there will be different versions of the commercial, as usual. I wish Gwen put the song on iTunes today or tomorrow though.

  6. I muted the audio on youtube and then played BDL over the commercial and it goes so much better with it. I wonder why they changed their minds last minute?

  7. I don’t think the song matches the commercial– like, it’s out of place. I am glad the song is ready though. I hope it blows up!

  8. The song is terrible…This is three new songs in the past month that all suck. What is going on!? It just sounds ridiculous and annoying. Baby Don’t Lie, Spark the Fire and Together are all three just repetitive, bouncy, try hard songs that do not do anything for me. I have LOVED ND and GS since 1995 and each time something gets released I feel like their time has come to an end before we ever knew it. Let’s face it, Push and Shove was an excellent album and was super radio friendly, yet they didn’t promote any songs or singles (with enthusiasm) at all. Honestly, next to Return of Saturn, Push and Shove is probably their best work to date. The lack of singles (there were at least 5 good ones on the album) and response to the Looking Hot fiasco was just unwarranted. They should have kept that video live and well. It was beautifully shot and reminiscent of Excuse Me Mister with a modern, adult twist. I will cross my fingers one last time, but I am not excited for any Jennifer Lopez type solo album.

    1. I agree with everything you just said, also being a ND and Gwen fan since the 90s. I’m starting to chalk up the lack of originality and vibe in these new songs to the fact that the top 40 music has been quite awful for the past 15 years, easily. I keep hoping Gwen isn’t bending to the mainstream. Though, I’m really starting to wonder. Where did the metaphorical lyrical content go?

  9. I think they changed it last minute. We know that BDL was supposed to be in this commercial and it fits much better. Just play BDL over the muted commercial. You can even see that the guy in the car was originally drumming his fingers on the steering wheel to the melody of BDL.

  10. ^ In the end that commercial means shit. I’m sooooo ready for STF. They should put it on iTunes today or tomorrow.

  11. Well I think this song is awesome!!! Let’s be honest after Gwen randomly decided to let us hear a snippet all the attention went to Spark the Fire. It’s kinda was like BDL was ok but Spark the fire was spectacular lol. I’m glad they decided to go this route

  12. I agree, BDL wans’t that good, this one has all the elements to became a hit if Gwen promote it everywhere. She’s probably going to perform it before The Voice ends but the song needs to out like now lol

  13. I finally heard “Baby Don’t Lie” on the radio this morning. I’m (selfishly) hoping that if she is releasing “Spark The Fire” soon it is before Thanksgiving — I’ll be gone on vacation for over a week right afterwards!

  14. I’m still grieving Looking Hot video and I’m glad it’s forever saved on my hard-drive and my heart!

    After that fiasco the Harajuku Girls will never come back 🙁 I miss them!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember the Wind It Up performance at the Billboard Music Awards, the HG are a vital part of solo Gwen, an extent of her personality, not just random backup dancers. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHH

  15. I think it’s cool that were already getting a new song so soon. I just wish they would’ve given BDL a chance. I can understand that maybe The Voice only allows one solo perfomance for each coach, but still she could’ve performed BDL somewhere else. Or at least put a little more effort into the video, or do some more radio interviews after the first week. I don’t know… I feel sad that this song just gets thrown away like this, especially since radio support is surprisingly good.

  16. It is a shame really about BDL… that could’ve been an alright hit and made bit more of a Gwen is ready and coming statement but ah well, I just really hope this all works out now and I’m excited for this video and hopefully it lives up to expectation 😀

  17. Yeah BDL chart success and promotion is similar to christina aguileras “your body”, like christina gwen did no promotion for the song and achieved medicore success in the us while it was a top 20 hit in canada. (Ironically they were both on the voice) Spark The Fire has a lot of potential to be a huge hit.

  18. Guys, it shouldn’t matter much now. Let’s not beat a dead horse. Baby Don’t Lie is a great song but probably was never meant to be a lead single. For me it’s fine, considering how these artists release multiple songs at the same time, I’d say the more the merrier. If only she released a new song every month. :p

  19. I hope she’s on the cover of a fashion magazine next month. This comeback won’t be complete without that and of course more promo.

  20. I disagree that BDL is a “great” song. WYWF, TSE, 4ITM…those are great solo songs. That said, I’m bummed that we probably won’t hear it live for awhile because I think most of ND and GS songs are better live.

    I have my concerns about STF, but will withhold my judgement until I hear it in full. I’m glad she is so excited about it though. I hope it will get a proper promo campaign. Just think…last year we had NOTHING going on and this year we have 4 new tracks before 2015 🙂

  21. I feel as though STF would have been a perfect lead single musically and lyrically. The beginning is reminiscent to the beginning to WYWF. But because they decided to release BDL first, I became really attached to it and it’s grown on me to the point where I am obsessed with it and want to hear it on the radio and see it succeed on the charts. But seems like that will not happen since SPF will be released soon. Either way it’s a wonderful time to be a fan because were getting spoiled with so many goodies

  22. I don’t get it …the.sing isn’t even out. ..what is going on with this roller coaster of bad promotion …or none at all … I don’t get it …Gwen filmed the video for this song over a month ago … Where’s the video?!!!!!

  23. It’s being aired already? 😮 Dont get me wrong, mainly I’m just soo excited things are moving and it’s such great promo!!

    But, I don’t really get airing before it’s released? don’t people usually shazam or something to find out what the song is? If someones like “I love this song, what is it??” what are they supposed to do?

    I can kinda see how bdl was supposed to be the song for this ad because my first thought was stf doesn’t really fit the look of the ad I don’t think

    But aside from that I’m excited!!

  24. I’m sure STF will be out next week. They just can’t wait any longer now that this song is already partly out there. I just wish Gwen would at least perform BDL once at the AMAs this weekend before they release STF. Why not have to successful singles out (in case STF will be a success). At this point a performance could still do wonders for BDL.

  25. It’s kinda warming up for STF. And hopefully it will be released next Monday or Tuesday…

    I agree that the song doesn’t really fit the commercial.

  26. If the commercial is already on tv, the song needs to be out ASAP, If they don’t relese it before Thanksgiving we’ll know something is wrong and the issues between Gwen and Interscope is really bad.

  27. I wish someone from her team would throws a bone of what’s to come like the date of release of the album, when the STF is out and of course more promo dates.

  28. Maybe the sale of the song is helping fund the album? I don’t think its about promoting the sale. It’s more about how much is Fiat willing to pay for the use of this song. Record labels are not making as much money as they did. Someones gotta get paid. <3

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