Photos/Video: Gwen’s Mentoring Sessions and Return to The Voice (Updated)




Gwen appeared on both the live top 8 performances and elimination episodes this week on The Voice. She sat in on rehearsal sessions with Team Pharrell and Team Christina.





Gwen also surprised a local school with instruments alongside Pharrell during the pre-taped elimination show. She looked so cute!

The Voice has shared a new teaser clip of Gwen’s upcoming appearance tonight on the show as she mentors season 8 contestants on both Team Christina and Team Pharrell.

Gwen calls being back on the show “amazing” and says she loves “this place”. She talks about working with Pharrell over the years and says he has such a helpful and positive personality all the time. She found it a lot of fun sitting in mentoring sessions with him this time around versus last season.

Gwen also is sitting in with Christina Aguilera and says that she loves being around her. “I love seeing Christina sing — it’s mind blowing”. She said that she learned a lot coming back and found the day really inspiring.

She has said many times in the past that she would love to return to The Voice for another future season.

Make sure to tune into The Voice tonight (Monday, April 27) on NBC at 8:00 PM ET/PT.

Photos courtesy of NBC/The Voice.

24 Replies to “Photos/Video: Gwen’s Mentoring Sessions and Return to The Voice (Updated)”

  1. Btw there are rumours that Gwen might not comeback next season and Rita Ora might replace her… *rolls eyes*

  2. We have Rita Ora over here at the Voice UK. I would quite happily do a swap and have Gwen do the voice UK and the US can have Rita!

  3. There were all this high expectations when she first joinned and it was a fine run, never had watched, only did cause of her, and found her adorable in it. But it didn’t do her any good, the solo venture is still in limbo, the so called tour is on hold, if it ever was on motion and ND’s new album has been put to sleep again. I just think her being there promised so much, but in the end… it is what it is. I really think she should skip The Voice, and focus on whatever she’s focusing right now and get some of the projects she’s working complete (hopefully, it will be a musical one).

  4. I am still confident Gwen will be asked back. Everyone loved her on the show including the coaches and she wants to do it again too. Nothing is confirmed but I am almost certain she will be back.

  5. Didn’t we already know around this time last year?? I think it was known by last years Coachella after she went on stage with pharrell, I hope she’ll be on!

  6. You’re reading too much into it. That sentence/shirt has been out for ages. Gwen is wearing it for fun.

  7. @anthony, that’s exactly what I was thinking!! Gwen wearing that shirt is totally different than just any random person wearing it is

  8. Secret? Excuse me, but some time back Courtney Love went on Howard Stern and told him she hooked up with Gavin while he was already with Gwen and gave all sorts of details on it. Things got big, Gwen and Gavin even issued a statement to assure their marriage was fine. I would not call their “feud” secret.

  9. @cynthia, yep, totally right! That’s not the only time Courtney has publicly took shots at Gwen. Gwen does it back but more low key, like ‘hollaback girl’. The ‘grunge is dead’ statement is not a nice one, people who hated the whole 90s grunge era would only wear it… In gwens case its just too ironic

  10. Also in the 90s, Bush was always labeled as a wannabe Nirvana/grunge. Gwen wearing this statement speaks volumes. Its so funny to me

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