Updated: Sneak Peeks at Gwen on ‘The Voice’; New TV Promos (Updated)

Check out more sneak peek videos of Gwen returning to the red chair for season 9 of The Voice in a new set of promos.

You can see Gwen’s confidence shining through and it’s so great to see her shining like a star! We’re treated to clips of her during the Blinds while she pleas and convinces contestants to join Team Gwen. The videos also features additional interview clips with her from behind-the-scenes. She looks stunning in the cast clips and we can’t wait to see her return to The Voice in a couple of weeks!

12 Replies to “Updated: Sneak Peeks at Gwen on ‘The Voice’; New TV Promos (Updated)”

  1. Gwen is on fire this season! Haha! I feel that she’s more comfortable in her own skin. I’m actually more excited for this season.

  2. This is not the Gwen I grew up loving. And of this Rihanna crap is true, then she will be no different than Mariah Carey or Nicki Minaj… Please don’t be a B, Gwen.

  3. ^ I guess you’re confusing Gwen with Nicki Minaj. Lmao! She’s a classy lady. Even when Courtney Love was talking crap on the media about her she kept it low-profile.

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