Video Previews: Access Hollywood Interview Clips


Full video interview has been added here!


Another video! This one is even better! In this preview clip, Gwen mentions that the new album is “around the corner”, though she can’t say much about it. Right now the band is going through a checklist making sure they have everything done (Gwen did Tweet this afternoon that her and Tony were working on lyrics to a new song!). Gwen also can’t reveal anything about a first single or even when we can expect one. She goes on to say how excited she is about everything and can assure us that the band has come so far since the last time she spoke with Access Hollywood (back in November). We loves what she says that even though it’s taking awhile, she feels that the process and everything is getter better than ever! Gwen says that they are still working a couple more songs and she would be in the studio with the band this week.

Access Hollywood has just posted a small clip from her interview tonight! It looks like they show her a few photos from the past and she comments on her braces photo. She says that she got them right after they recorded Return of Saturn and the reasoning behind them is that she always wanted braces and was finally able to afford them cause she was “rich”. Silly, Gwen! She looks stunning though — we are really excited to see the interview and wonders if she says anything about the new album!

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