Videos: Gwen Talks To Access Hollywood About New Album; Transcribed Interview

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I went ahead and transcribed most of what she says about the new album and the other two videos have been placed behind the cut! If you use any of what I wrote, please credit us! We want to thank Gwen for being so candid and honest about the album’s progress. It’s really refreshing to hear and charged our batteries again for the new album. We can’t wait till next year!

Gwen states that when she started L.A.M.B., she was trying to be reasonable. She says that she wanted to make sure she had a plan later on in life and still wanted to be creative. Gwen says that she never imagined being in the situation she is in right now — balancing being a mother (Kingston and Zuma are going to two different schools), three clothing lines now and the new No Doubt album. “It’s really a lot, and most days, it really doesn’t work, some things are going to have to suffer. But at the end of the day, it does work.” Gwen goes on to say that her new secret to getting it all done is delegating. She feels that everyone that she has collaborated with over the last few years (including music and fashion) just get her and her ideas, and she feels fortunate. “I feel like I don’t have to be doing it, or over seeing everything. People are just making it better all the time.” Gwen says L.A.M.B. though it a little more involved.

Gwen mentions that she makes priorities for herself, and the new No Doubt album is “everything” to her at the moment. She wants to write one more song, and it’s “so awesome”. You can see in her face how excited she is for it! Nobody has heard the new album yet, it’s “under wraps”. Gwen just heard new versions the day before (Friday) of some of the songs. She explains that the band work on songs really hard then take breaks, cause everyone has so much going on at this time, and that’s why it’s taken so long:

“Everyone asks, ‘Why is it taking so long?’, Cause I have kids! I’m a mom! I have school, homework, you know. It’s a lot. I could never imagine getting up and saying, ‘Okay guys, see you at 10:00 AM, we’re going to work on the record. Who works at 10:00 AM on music? But we have to do that now. I think there is something that’s going to be amazing about this record, because the time, there was no limit, there was no laziness involved, there was no time. Let’s focus now! It’s a different energy cause of that.

“[The band] we are like more in love than we have ever been. It’s crazy, it’s like this friendship that we have. We have this history together since we were kids, and to be able to make a record now is just, it’s like you don’t take it for granted at all. Every minute we spend together is [precious].”

Gwen goes on to talk about the tour, and how the band did it to get inspired, and she mentions that she probably cried every night. “Singing those songs again, looking over seeing my children watching me, and falling asleep to me… just having us all back together again, it was just surreal, and you realized at that moment, this is just so precious. How did this happen to me? How did I get this moment? And that’s when all the songs started coming. We wrote the record over, and over a very long time.”

And when asked if we were getting the album next year, Gwen responded with: “Yes, yes for sure. For sure.”

I put the other two interviews behind the cut, so click “read more” to check them out!

Huge thank you to Gwen for the update! We are more excited for the album than EVER! We are also so curious about the direction they are going!

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  1. Love this!!!!!! So excited for this HL mini collection but mostly excited for the first video…sooooo ready for this album!!!!!

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