Official “Kings Never Die” Lyric Video


Eminem has uploaded the official “Kings Never Die” lyric video to his YouTube channel which features boxer themed silhouettes alongside the track. The song has been confirmed to be the second single from the Southpaw soundtrack and is rumored to be hitting radio soon.

“Kings Never Die” was streamed over a million times in it’s first week and debuted at #35 on Billboard‘s Digital Songs chart. Remember to keep streaming the track to support as well as purchasing the song from a digital retailer.

9 Replies to “Official “Kings Never Die” Lyric Video”

  1. Well, if they send the song to radio soon then I’m sure there will be a video too. I searched for more info but I only found that it’s being sent to radio in Italy tomorrow.

  2. l want a videoclip, not a lyrics one
    one where i can see gwen hotter than ever,

    BTW IGGY azalea is the new GWEN stefani of this era. BUT BY FAR the hotest
    been watching her, and shes almost perfect…

  3. Lmao! Everything in time, gurl. Be a little more patient. I’m almost sure there will be a video for KND. And hopefully Gwen will be in it.

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