Video: New Television Promo For The Voice (Updated)

It’s here! Check out Gwen’s debut televised promo for season seven of The Voice set to premiere starting this Sunday on NBC.

Gwen looks flawless and ready to own the show which kicks off on September 22 with a two-hour premiere. Fellow coaches Pharrell Williams, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton appear with Gwen in the promo and they all look fantastic. We are so ready for the The Voice to start and wish Gwen the best of luck!


Click here for captures from the promo!


And for those curious, Gwen is wearing a stunning pre-Fall 2013 Valentino dress in the promo.


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  1. It would be nice if the show recognized that she has more hits than Hollaback Girl. Did the boys not authorize ND music to be used I wonder? She does look amazing.

  2. Thank god Adam went back to his natural color. The blonde color was awful on him and would have been distracting for his wedding pictures

  3. Yeah, Gwen has 2 CD’s and they only play Hollaback Girl. I would like to hear The Sweet Escape or another single. And I don’t think that the boys would mind if they play some of the ND singles.

  4. I do wish they would play more music of hers, at this rate Hollaback Girl is going to burn out quick with viewers. I think she looks fabulous in the clip though, the vinyl dress is an interesting pick, but it looks great on her. This promo reminds me of the L’Oreal Paris days with a little bit of Target commercial randomly thrown in there lol

    I think this might have been made before Adam bleached his hair… So perhaps he’s still a Gwenabie.

  5. Step 1: Make Gwen the most famous woman on the planet to a whole new crowd via The Voice and countless spokeswoman gigs. Step 2: Release new No Doubt music. Step 3: No Doubt takes over the world. Step 4: Masturbate.

  6. i love that promo focused on Gwen stefani as the only oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    also hollaback girl fits it perfectly

  7. I still wish they’d also use some other songs for the promotion. If there aren’t any new songs then please just use TSE, WIU, RG and Cool for a change. Gwen wasn’t a one hit wonder and I’m sure people also remember her other hits.

  8. I would love to hear TSE again. I love that song. Pharrell could fill in for Akon. Whether it’s her choice or the shows choice, only using/performing Hollaback Girl for everything makes her look like a one hit wonder. Hella Good would be great too for the Pharrell connection, but I have a feeling that ND music won’t be used.

  9. Why does Gwen’s appearance on The Voice need to have a Pharrell connection? Gwen’s not his sidekick, she is a great artitst on her own and shouldn’t be reduced to HBG. They’ll be opponents on The Voice, not allies.

  10. YYY – I know she doesn’t need a Pharrell connection, but the show seems to be leaning on that to promote their two new judges. I would never call her a sidekick or want her to be one. I was only trying to point out to LAMB that there are other songs that can be used.

  11. if u observe the video, pharrel for the first time, doesnt loook cheerful but his face is more like upset

  12. Amanda – I understand what you mean. I just wished that whoever is in charge for this, wouldn’t focus that much on this Gwen/Pharrell connection. It’s cool that they are friends and get along, but there is so much more to say about Gwen than “Pharrell’s good friend”. I hope that once this season actually starts, they’ll be showing for of the things Gwen has already achieved – apart from HBG obviously.

  13. It’s almost safe to say that Gwen only decided to join because Pharrell would be around. Otherwise I couldn’t see her signing for a TV show like this. But yeah I hope she also gets the opportunity to share a bit of her No Doubt days background, especially the early days. It took them almost 10 years to achieve success and they did it on their own.

  14. I really hope she did not accept to be on The Voice just because Pharrell would be there too.

    a) That’s not a good basis to make such a commitment, because she can’t just sit through this show without fully commiting to it. It’s not like American Idol: She’ll have to coach her team and rehearse with them. People will trust her and rely on her. If she’s only there, because of her oh so cool friend Pharrell, she’d better get off their now. If she’s not really into it, it would be totally unfair towards the contestants and especially those, who pick Gwen as their coach. I really hope Gwen’s not that lame.

    b) She’s a grown and independent woman. At least that’s how I see her. If she signed for The Voice only because of Pharrell doing it too, she’d come off as a mindless follower, who only does what her “cool” friends do too.

    Seriously, this isn’t one of her nail polish deals, where she only has to sign some papers and have those people put her name on the fancy packages. The Voice will consume a lot of her time and require a lot of personal involvement. I can only hope she was aware of that when she signed for it, otherwise it will make her look really bad on the show, because people will notice if she isn’t that much into it.

  15. it’s a good move, pharrell influence or not. she’s got an aw-shucks personality that does well with fans, and she needs to re-engage. sure would be nice if they used ‘sweet escape’ or something else though… but seeing as pharrell was the producer of hollaback, it only makes sense. they should do ‘happy’ together, though. i kind of feel they’re taking a wholly gwen-centric stance and it could backfire in the long run if pharrell is too marginalized.

    however, he MAY be working on new music with her, potentially a new album, and it’s then in his best interests to get people excited about her again. maybe that’s why he’s playing it cool. also, if the man is the gent he truly seems to be, you always let the lady shine (call her the queen? that’s some honey drippin’). respect.

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