Video: New Interview with USA Today On-Set of The Voice (Updated)

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USA Today has posted a new video interview with Gwen and her fellow Voice coaches on-set of The Voice. They discuss the upcoming season and how much they love teasing each other on set while vying for the contestants to choose their teams. Gwen once again talked about how spontaneous it was for her to join The Voice and says she used to be around all boys. She calls the experience “surreal” for her still and she’s loving every minute of it.

7 Replies to “Video: New Interview with USA Today On-Set of The Voice (Updated)”

    1. Ndlover, i think like you; and i think that gwen is not maybe the most beautiful but she is realy the most cute of all singers female !

    1. LAMB, did you become a fan during Gwen’s solo? I think you should do a little bit of more research about her background. Her career is much more than 2 solo albums.

  1. Yes, her name is Jill. She was in the JAG video and her daughter Madeline was the child’s voice at the end of Beauty Contest. Google Jill Stefani and you’ll see pap pictures with her, Gwen and Madeline.

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