Video: New Interview On Set of The Voice (Updated)

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Access Hollywood has shared a new interview with Gwen and fellow Voice coaches Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Pharrell Williams from the set back on June 18.

Gwen and Adam talk about how they’ve never formally met before working together in the studio. She was also told by her bandmates in No Doubt how he was but never met him herself. They started writing emails back and forth to each other and when they finally met up in the studio to work on their collaboration track “My Heart Is Open”, Gwen says that she felt like she was part of Maroon 5. “Now we really know each other!”

Gwen also recalls working with Pharrell for the first time with No Doubt while writing “Hella Good”.

The Voice battle rounds live taping kick off tomorrow and we wish #TeamGwen the best of luck!

17 Replies to “Video: New Interview On Set of The Voice (Updated)”

  1. OMG just how cute and funny is Gwen? I’m so relieved to see how comfortable she is around the other judges and how everybody seems to love her. I was a little worried that it might be a little awkward with Blake and maybe even Adam, but that’s obviously not the case 🙂

  2. I feel her ready to meet all the challenges of the voice. It would be fun to have not only musical challenges with her. She could show her rock attitude, not only vocalist.

  3. Pharrell doesn’t seem too comfortable though… I hope it was just at the beginning. I’d like to see him interact more with them.

    1. For each videos, pharell williams seems always very tired. Maybe too busy with his work. GWEN will have to wake up him !!!

  4. I think Pharrell just isn’t a very outgoing person. Whenever I see him in interviews he just seems to be naturally quiet and maybe even a little shy. But I’m sure there will be some cute moments with him and Gwen on The Voice.

  5. Why would Gwen feel uncomfortable or awkward around them? She’s been surrounded by men for her entire life, so I imagine she feels right at home.

    I’m really glad Hella Good was mentioned! I’m not a fan of Carson, but I love that he has been a longtime supporter of ND.

  6. This is an awesome interview. I love Gwen’s voice. She’s so adorable. And the thing with Blake Shelton, “who is he?” lol

  7. I wasn’t excited about this when it was first announced, but I’m definitely intrigued now. I’ll be watching!

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