Video: New Adrian Interview With Artisan News Service

Very nice! A new video interview with Adrian has been shared from the red carpet at the Guitar Center Drumoff last Saturday, January 14. The video starts off with some professionally shot footage of the band’s performance at the Tsunami benefit in 2005 and confirms that the band is releasing the album this year after 2001’s Rock Steady. The commentator goes onto say that though some may think there would be hard feelings against Gwen after all these years of delays (really?), but Adrian says that being in a band with Gwen and the boys “just feels right”. We love what he has to say about Gwen and the band, so we transcribed it for everyone!

“Well, she’s [Gwen] an amazingly talented artist. She has a vision, and a stage presence and a way of singing that, people just love it. When we play together, as musicians, with her signing, is just feels right. And sometimes when I play with other people, it’s fun to play another record, but when I go to play in my own band, I can’t replace that feeling”

Aww! We love him! The video also mentions that it will have more from Adrian in the next couple days! We will keep our eyes peeled for everyone!

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