Video: Interview With Gwen Backstage After Rolling Stones Performance

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Check out a newly released interview with Gwen backstage right after to her special one-time performance with The Rolling Stones in Los Angeles back on May 3, 2013 (a year ago today!) Gwen says that their performance together was “super fun” and her smile is so infectious you can just tell how excited and happy she was! She admits to buying her Rolling Stones tee from their official website (in multiple sizes to get the right fit!) and added the sparkles herself. It turned out incredible!

Gwen was welcomed onstage for a duet with The Rolling Stones for their hit “Wild Horses” in honor of the band’s tour opener at The Staples Center. A interview with Gwen was shared by the band (but was taken down almost immediately) so it’s great to see another one resurface.

Thank you @dearnodoubt for sending in the video!

9 Replies to “Video: Interview With Gwen Backstage After Rolling Stones Performance”

  1. Haha yeah something doesn’t seem right there. Would explain her horrible singing :/

  2. C’mon, guys, she just looks super excited there. Nothing else. I heard that Gwen barely drinks these days, let alone getting stoned.

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