Video: How ‘The Voice’ Coaches Spent Their Summer Vacations

The Voice has shared a new digital exclusive with the coaches telling fans how they spent their summer vacation.

Gwen reflects on her recent trip to Montana with her children and shares that she went horseback riding and fly fishing. She jokes around saying she wanted to prepare for fellow coach Blake Shelton in wanting to know what it feels like to be a cowboy.

Gwen also talks about the festival shows with No Doubt this past summer and says it was incredible. “The energy of the crowd, the chemistry, and getting to see people in real life was magic.”

She mentions how she spent a lot of time this summer writing new songs. Gwen says that she grew accustom to the smell of the studio and had so much fun writing. “I love writing songs”.

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  1. I wish she would stop saying she is in the studio and writing. It just looks bad when she never has a project full circle.

  2. Well, it is at least nice to hear that she is enjoying writing. Gives me hope that she’s not just having people writing tons of songs for her, which is the impression I had last year when she was preparing her album

  3. At least she mentioned she’s been writing songs. Would some of you be happier if she said the opposite? You guys are never pleased. ffs!

    Anyway even if this was asked before filing for divorce, they could have changed the title now for something less awkward… It’s a bit insensitive imo.

  4. OH MY GOD,
    her face is so swollen..

    stop with the cirguriessssssssssssssssssss botox or whatever..

    it just doesnt look natural..

  5. HA! Writing? She does not write. The song writers write and she sings. And I agree, too much puffy face additives. Botox, her nose looks different, her eyes are different, new teeth? Her lips are bigger.

  6. And FYI she DOES co-write her solo songs, even if she changes a single word, at the end of the day she’s involved in the writing process. She’s not an air brain / wannabe who’s sitting at home all day waiting for people to bring her songs and then record them. It’s a collaborative project.

  7. For once, I agree with NDLover lol. It’s not like they write the songs for her and she has no say. She has a firm grip on the lyrics and the sound. Since it’s a pop record, there is pressure for it to sell and there are usually songwriters and producers involved to make that happen.

    And about the plastic surgery, you guys have to deal with it. You won’t see many women in Hollywood her age who do not succumb to it. And IMO she always gets it done very tastefully. The only way it got out of hand was for the Emmys.

  8. Of course Gwen writes her own songs, maybe not 100% of the lyrics are Gwen written, but she still writes a lot of them.

    Also, why are some people still being so negative? “Wah too much plastic surgery, wahh no album yet!”. Stop. Its rude to go on about her surgery so much- its up to Gwen what she does with her own face and she looks natural enough to me. Its not as though your opinion’s going to make Gwen stop anyway.
    Also… albums do take a long time to make, would you rather wait for a quality album or have had the one in December full of STF type songs? Be patient!

  9. Couldn’t agree more Leah! I feel that sometimes when people don’t have anything else to say they focus on her looks instead. At least keep it to yourselves. Not only it’s annoying to constantly read the same crap but it’s very rude. It’s none of your business if she had some work done, especially when she’s looking amazing. It’s not like she’s looking like Meg Ryan, Cher or Joan Rivers.

  10. Joan rivers was very vocal about her surgeries. She didn’t pretend they never happened. I think many people respected her for that.

    I understand that this is a very complicated and often contradictory issue. Woman, especially those in the entertainment industry, must never age yet once they have work done to look younger they are immediately shot down and criticized. Sexism of this sort is rampant in the world Gwen is part of.
    That being said, these days 90% of what Gwen contributes to this world is her image. Her fashion, her hair, makeup and yes, her face. So I think it’s hard to know where to draw that line. We are allowed to have opinions about her lipstick but not
    the lips it is on. Similarly we are only allowed to say how amazingly young she looks but not allowed to acknowledge the precise reason she is able to look so young.
    I don’t see the difference in commenting on what she is wearing and what she has done to her nose or teeth. She is selling her face. She should be proud and own it. Pretending she has found the fountain of youth is not a healthy way to face these fundamentally sexist issues, it leaves no room for conversation.

  11. I respect Gwen immensely but lately have been discouraged by her insistence on being pretty. I know her beauty has been a large part of the equation since day one, but there used to be more depth to it. She was able to push ideas of what beauty was. Maybe it’s because of her lack of creative output these days, but I feel the only thing she has to offer is image. And it’s just not that interesting.

  12. Well said Doom! I wonder how long Gwen will keep up the fight. Just thinking of Priscilla Presley. It’s sad when the face becomes like a mask and you don’t see any expression anymore. When Gwen was telling about her vacation was she happy because she had such a good time with her kids? Or sad because of the separation from Gavin? Who knows, her face emits nothing.:( It’s beautiful to look at in photos but it doesn’t move naturally anymore and that’s unsettling to me. Gwen would still be amazing and very attractive with wrinkles.

  13. Gwen Stefani is a very respected celeb, so I don’t see your point by saying people respected Joan Rivers for that. That’s so shallow tbh!

  14. Rose, to be fair Gwen is looking way more natural lately. I think she overdone is during the P&S era but then slowed it down. You can clearly see wrinkles and facial expression again. Maybe Gwen decided to embrace the fact she’s aging and do it gracefully.

  15. NDLOVER, I don’t think Gwen needs to do anything. I’m sure (I hope) at some point another strong woman in a similar position to hers will be willing to talk about it and take on that burden.
    Until that happens we can just point fingers of judgement at each other for what we consider to be be appropriate levels of objectification.

    Do you think Beyoncé should speak up about the years of brutality and inhumanity people of her “race” have suffered? No, she doesn’t and good for her. That level of responsibility should never be placed on or expected from one individual.

    All I’m saying is that some people are in a very high position to talk about these things and don’t. I don’t blame them for it.

  16. Yes, but don’t expect Gwen to tweet about her latest eyelid lift. lol That’s none of our business. Of course we can discuss this subject, even more when she’s in the public eye, but there are ways of doing it. Not like “OH MY GOD, her face is so swollen.. stop with the cirguriessssssssssssssssssss botox or whatever..”
    That’s uncalled for and rude. My 2 cents.

  17. I’m not sure if “natural” is the right word to really describe Gwen’s appearance lol. Yes, she looks amazing and beautiful, but I think we need to reconsider our definition of “natural”… Her lips, her chin, her cheeks… I think all these little things she has had done become more and more visible. It looks good, but it’s visible.

    I’m also glad that she at least mentioned her new music even though she once again didn’t really say anything haha. Let’s just hope this whole project will become full circle eventually.

  18. It’s just a bit ironic when Gwen writes songs like Magic’s in the makeup, Beauty Contest and in a way also Looking Hot. There’s so much more to her than just a pretty face.

  19. I agree with @doom!

    in all honesty, I think its so funny when people leave comments saying “wow Gwen looks so young! She doesn’t look a day over 32!” —–first things first, whatever work she’s had/has done she looks absolutely amazing. But to me she looks like a 45 year old woman that has had great work done. Its completely obvious to see she’s had work, anyone can tell, fan or not. I just hope she keeps it in moderation, because at 45 she looks amazing, but can you imagine 60? Someone above said Pricilla Presley… I look at someone like Debbie Harry, she’s embraced her age and is still cool. Maybe Gwen will eventually take that road….

  20. Ms. Westwood is one of the coolest women alive. But to be fair, she also doesn’t look like she’s had and nip, tucks or sucks! Good for her

  21. Of course you can comment on Gwen’s appearance, but rude comments such as the one NDLover quoted are just unneccessary, that was my point.

    Not necessarily replying to anyone’s particular comment here but… Why would Gwen ever need to speak about her surgeries? Its nothing important, nothing we need to know the details about. It’d be like her doing a makeup tutorial. I’d be interested, but do I need to know how Gwen does her makeup? Not at all, its useless information to the GP. Some people choose to age “gracefully”, others like to look more youthful and use surgery as a way to achieve this- its nobody’s business which method Gwen, or any other celebrity, chooses.

    Also, of course Gwen is much more than a pretty face. But image is a huge part of her, and most peoples’ lives, celebrities in particular have to put a lot of time into their image and how they portray themselves. So, why shouldn’t Gwen write songs about this? Its an aspect of her life, so why not make music about it.

  22. LOL @ndlover u talking about english? but of course ur a peruvian, ur not supposed to understand english

    therefore, here we go, u cant understand what i was saying

    and yea IF GWEN EVER READS THIS WEB, STOP WITH THE BOTOX, U HAVE TO STOP IT, it is not good for u. Its a positive advice not negative………………………..

    stop taking it offensive, its a constructive opinion.

  23. Shoot, if I had the means I’d get work done too! Lol I personally believe she would have aged well naturally, but she made another choice. I’m sure it can be addicting or maybe never-ending because of the business she’s in. I just hope she knows when to stop because I don’t want her looking scary like Madonna or Joan Rivers lol

  24. I really agree with what Doom said: Today Gwen’s beauty seems to be more important than it was a few years ago since Gwen is primarily selling her “image” these days. Yes, she is still a singer, but that really has become more of a side project these days. She’s not on the charts, she’s not on the radio and she’s no longer setting trends of what’s hot in the music scene. That’s a very natural development every “old” artist has to face. So instead of albums and singles, she has to sell something else these days to stay relevant.

    I also agree that instead of pushing beauty standards like in the past (tomboy etc.), Gwen seems to be more concerned about “fitting in” these days. Her look is still cool and out there, but it’s less edgy and more polished today.

    That being said I once again have to say that I think she looks absolutely amazing! She IS a very beautiful woman with or without some botox and as long as she doesn’t lose control like Joan Rivery etc., she will always be beautiful. I really wonder how long she will keep on bleaching her hair, though. I think at this age, she’d look incredible as a brunette. She’d look even younger (she looked like a teenager in the Cool video!).

  25. YYY, one thing is looking “natural” and other thing is looking “more natural”. She does in fact look more natural than a few years ago. I’m not gonna be “nip and tuck” (pun intended lol) and analyse every inch of it but her face doesn’t look that frozen anymore.
    And I’m done on this subject. I’d rather discuss about the fact she’s been writing songs and seems excited about it, tbh.

  26. ^ Yeah I think so. He even said he’s an English teacher. I’m sorry to say that I fear for his students. :S

  27. I have to admit I can’t wait for ND to finish their festival gigs… I feel like we won’t get any new information about the solo music until the ND shows are out of the way. I’m glad Gwen mentioned the new music in the short video of The Voice, but I really hope things will actually gain some momentum again once The Voice starts. I’m still very doubtful about an album being released this year since I think it’s just too late already, but it would be nice to at least have an announcement and a new single by the end of the year. I feel like all this testing the waters only killed all the buzz. They should just release this album early next year, get one or two songs on high profile soundtracks/ad campaigns, have Gwen perform various songs on some TV shows and maybe go on a small USA tour. This should be enough to make this album sell moderately. Screw the big overnight single hit, it’s not gonna happen…

  28. The level of expectation and pressure for her comeback was huge last year. Now that that has dissipated a little ( or maybe a lot) hopefully it’ll be easier this time around as people’s expectations are lower. Although the management was very messy, everything about BDL and STF seemed uptight and too forced. There was just too much pressure and it was impossible to match such high expectations. I hope now she’s feeling more warmed up and comfortable as a solo artist and she can release material with more appropriate standards. Forget about the charts, just stuff she enjoyed making and really believes in.

  29. I don’t care what anyone Says she looks amazing! Stunning! Divine! Breathe taking! LOL Anyway does anyone have an extra copy of V magazine #31 they would be willing to sell or trade me for V # 52? If so email me @ o yeah I also have the crown ND hoodie from the singles tour in 04 in an XL that I would like to trade or sell I was huge then thanks Dustin

  30. If she wants to adopt a baby girl, then I’ll support her 100%. She should do it. We all know she always wanted a daughter. That child would be blessed on Gwen’s hands.

  31. Gwen has a new face since 2011 or 2012. Since she can’t go back to her normal face.. I think she looks Ok. At least, she looks better now than she looks in 2012. I like her, she’s gorge. She looks like another person but she’s beautiful and amazing.

  32. I agree with BatCaver 3-2 years ago her face was a mess now looks good. I don’t mind plastic surgery all women in Hollywood do it sooner or later. That said is sad to see what some beautiful woman fuck her face like Courtney Cox. As for the album I don’t care at this point, I just want her to enjoy being creative again and be happy.

  33. NDLOVER- No At this point I don’t care anymore. If new music gets released of curse I will be happy but if nothing happens I won’t be dissapionted. Gwen has been through alot in the last few years I hope she finds her voice again. But you seem to know whats on my head better than me. Anyway I don’t want to fight. Peace.

  34. Reading these comments about her looks makes me sad. Homegirl’s going through a rough patch right now. She’s trying her best to put on a brave face. If she comes across numb, i don’t blame her. After her relationship’s demise, she is more of a position to be scrutinized. Yup, I get it she is a public figure but give her a break. Who care if she has stuff done? She doesn’t claim to be the patron saint of all things natural lol? she always been about self expression. She was a tomboy now she’s a fashion icon. People change. People grow.

  35. Well, I believe Gwen will be releasing new music sooner or later….last year it was a mess and it was so confusing that made us think what was going on, but now we just found out that she was in the middle of a marriage crisis, that ended up in a divorce. I think next year she will come up with something, it’s not easy for her to begin a new era in her life she wasn’t expecting, but when she feels comfortable we will see a new bright and strong Gwen.

  36. As far as the song writing, whether it’s for solo material or ND, we all know how LONG they take and what’s so wrong with that? They/She wants it to be perfect. No one wants to publicly display something of theirs, something they’ve put their heart into, before it feels finished. Just saying. Also, am I the only one still upset about the divorce? :/ I just hate the idea of them not being a family anymore. It’s quite pathetic on my part actually lol

  37. I think nobody here has a problem with Gwen/ND wanting their music as good as it can possibly be, but we were promised new music in 2013 that didn’t happen and we were told there’d be a solo album in 2014 that also didn’t happen… Taking time to make the music perfect is one thing, but stretching the patience of your fans to the limit is something else imho.

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