Video: Harajuku Mini Commercial Debuts

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It’s here! Target has uploaded the first Harajuku Mini commercial featuring Gwen to their YouTube channel! She looks amazing and the commercial is really awesome! It features Gwen’s “Harajuku Girls” song remixed and even gives off a video game vibe in the ad. Gwen is dressed up as Alice again it looks like (we added photos from the video shoot last month) and comes down in the ad on a cloud and transforms into G. We love it! Captures coming soon! The ad should be hitting television soon.

4 Replies to “Video: Harajuku Mini Commercial Debuts”

  1. Just brilliant!! Nintendo meets legos meets Gwen!!! The nintendo sound effects. I wish I could fit into some of the clothes.

  2. Ellen, I’m not sure of the remix but I would LOVE to have it! It’s so cute! It’s probably just a custom one they made for the commercial. It reminded me of the HL fragrance one from a few years ago.

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