Video: Gwen’s New Windows Phone Commercial

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Windows Phone has shared Gwen’s new :30 second ad for the cell phone on YouTube this afternoon. Gwen shows us her phone and how she keeps everything organized from L.A.M.B. meeting highlights, song lyrics and how she keeps in touch with her family. We see her lounging around in a luxurious tour bus and takes a call from home (while “Looking Hot” sounds so good in the background!) She looks amazing and it’s actually a pretty cool commercial. Again, congratulations to Gwen for getting another huge spokesperson opportunity. The campaign just launched today and will be debuting tonight during Modern Family, The Voice and Jimmy Kimmel Live. Gwen’s new ad will also be getting a lot of air-play on, and the official website for Better Homes and Gardens.

Click here to see shorter versions of the ad released by Windows.

7 Replies to “Video: Gwen’s New Windows Phone Commercial”

  1. I didn’t think most companies would want a celeb to advertise for them, but not use their product LOL Oh well. She looks good in this.

  2. Seriously, I hate Apple, but an Apple phone is better than a Windows phone… so she cashes in and still use the phone she wants.

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