Video: Gwen’s Fashion Evolution and Sneak Peek at New Eyewear Collection

Photo courtesy of YouTube/The Voice
Photo courtesy of YouTube/The Voice

Back in July, it was announced that Gwen had teamed up with Tura Inc. for new lines of both L.A.M.B. and Gx optical and sunglasses collections. The Voice has shared a new sneak peek at Gwen modeling a gorgeous pair of sunglasses in a new digital exclusive showcasing Gwen’s fashion evolution.

The first line is expected to debut in 2016 and will include 12 ophthalmic styles and 12 sunglasses from each brand. The lines are said to be influenced by Gwen and her extensive personal collection. Prices for the collections vary, with L.A.M.B. naturally having more of a luxurious touch. Each L.A.M.B. pair will retail $150-$250 and Gx is expected to range between $50-$175.

In regards to her fashion, Gwen says that it has changed so much over the years due to being influenced by different cultures she’s experienced all over the world. She also can’t keep away from things she’s always loved including houndstooth and black on black.

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