Video: Gwen Talks To WSJ About Harajuku Mini And The New Album

In a new video interview with Wall Street Journal (if you can’t see the embed video, click the WSJ link!) Gwen talks to the news giant about the creation of Harajuku Lovers, how she’s always wanted to do a children’s line that was affordable, and how she balances motherhood, recording the new album and fashion. She revels that designing is mostly a hobby for her, so finds it very fun. Gwen doesn’t reveal anything new about the album, just that the making of the album is “going on, and on, and on”. It’s a really good interview, and it’s great to see her being candid, it’s been awhile! I went ahead and transcribed what she said about the new album and how she is balancing her life right now. It’s wonderful to see just how much she enjoys everything she’s doing — to being a mom, fashion and music. She is so passionate in everything she does.

“Some days are just are only family days, and some are just music, and family, and so I just kind of spread it out over the week and just try to get it all done. And as you can see, like it takes forever. The record has been going on, and on, and on, but that’s probably the hardest part you know, besides the kids. The being a mom part is the hardest part. The record and the songwriting is the most kind of fulfilling and rewarding and emotional, well the children are as well. So, those two things are the hardest. The design is the fun kind of thing, my hobby that I like to do. It’s fulfilling in a different kind of easy kind of way that I enjoy.”

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