Video: Gwen Talks To Extra Backstage At L.A.M.B. Show; Extended Runway Footage

Gwen spoke to Extra last night before hitting the runway with L.A.M.B. It’s a really, really nice interview and she’s asked about the new collection, working on accessories, and what were some of her fashion hits and misses over the years. They also feature about 7 minutes worth of runway footage and it’s AMAZING!

Extra — ‘Extra’ caught up with singer, mother and clothing line creator Gwen Stefani after her L.A.M.B. fashion show in NYC. Stefani’s show concluded the star-studded fashion week filled with the latest collection of designer trends.

Gwen said her show was comparable to six miniature fashion shows in one because of the variety of themes she presented. “The themes are things that I always draw from like the raggamuffin girl, and the English girl, the buffalo girl… things that I’m a fan of.”

When it comes to past fashion faux pas, Stefani says, “There is no fashion mistake, you’re always in the moment. You can’t look back and go, ‘Oh man, what was I thinking?’ That was me then, no regrets.’”

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