Video: Gwen Reveals Details on Adam Levine’s Email

In another Voice digital exclusive, Gwen reveals details about her email to fellow coach Adam Levine prior to joining the show asking “what have I got myself into?” Gwen said that she was first freaked out and binge watched past blind auditions from the show.

Adam convinced her that being on the Voice is “super fun” and how she would pick up everything really fast. Pharrell continues by saying that being on the show “doesn’t feel like work” and that “everything is garnished with humor”.

5 Replies to “Video: Gwen Reveals Details on Adam Levine’s Email”

  1. Idk, just found on Instagram. Creepy or not, it’s just a cute pic. There is nothing offensive with this. So u do not be aggressive. Thx.

  2. That picture was originally posted in Instagram by Gwen’s florist (Eric Buterbaugh). Someone here, had shared the link his profile with that exact picture a while ago. That’s not the 1st social media account I’ve seen dedicated to her boys.

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