Video: Gwen Presenting At iHeartRadio Music Awards (Updated)


Check out the video of Gwen presenting the iHeart Innovator Award to Pharrell Williams tonight live at the first annual iHeartRadio Music Awards! Gwen gave an incredible introductory for him and mentioned how the first time she had worked with him was with No Doubt for “Hella Good”, which was also The Neptunes first time working with a band.

Enjoy! Sorry for the not-so-good quality, but we ripped the video from the east coast stream (since we’re on the west coast) and wanted to get it up as soon as possible! Gwen also was shown at the end of Pharrell’s performance (which NBC has shared a video of!) for a quick hug.

Click here to see photos from the night!


  1. Matheus Gusmão says:

    So cute he and she.

  2. Nancy says:

    “the coolest girl in the world… gwen stefani”, by pharrell

  3. Matheus Gusmão says:

    We all know that she is. Even the other artists in the crowd know. They just don’t admit it like Pharrel. jk but true lol

  4. Nancy says:

    super cute he saying that he would not receive this award if it was not from her hands

  5. Ray says:

    I need for Gwen to go bring back a lil dose crazy in her fashion. Sure, she’ll have the same references but I like her better when she makes a statement. I guess tonight, she’s goin for the “I just got back from the Parent Teacher conference from Kingston’s school and they asked me to present tonight so I said oh well I’ll do it cuz it’s for my homeboy pharrell” kinda look lol… I love you Gwen 😉

  6. Matheus Gusmão says:

    I thought her clothes similar to the what she used in the 2012 EMA.

    • Jenny says:

      Yeah, thats the exact look I thought of. I love her cropped hair though. She looks fabulous!

  7. NDlover says:

    Glad to see Gwen talking about Hella Good. So cool! Pharrell is such an incredible guy. Love him. Can’t wait to hear the new material he has been working for No Doubt or Gwen herself.


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