Video: Gwen On Her Passion For Making Music

In a new mini digital exclusive shared by The Voice, Gwen sat down for a humble interview about making it and her passion for doing what she loves.

“I never really ever in my wildest dreams could ever imagine that I could be doing this as a career. Let me just start by saying that.” She talks about how music was such a passion for her and how No Doubt always pursued it as a hobby. “Because we were always doing it for fun. It was always the procrastination from school — anything else we were supposed to be doing — we were doing music. Because we loved it and we were doing the kind of music that was never going to make it. So the fact that I’m sitting here now is a miracle. And I’m so lucky. Thank you. Thank you for paying attention and letting me do this as a career.”

The Knockouts continue into next week on Monday and Tuesday before the live shows kick off.

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