Video: Gwen on Chelsea Lately

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Check out videos of Gwen appearing last night on the E! series finale of Chelsea Lately which came to an end with a huge group of celebrities singing a farewell song. Gwen lead the number with her good friend and host Chelsea Handler and had a solo at the very beginning. She also referred to Chelsea as “Chelsea Hammer”, which seemed to be a funny take on her now memorable Emmy moment.

Thank you to Chelsea and her team for making us laugh over the years. And we think Gwen did a fabulous job, too!

16 Replies to “Video: Gwen on Chelsea Lately”

    1. LOL I can’t stand the dailymail. Now they’re reporting the news of Gwen poking fun at herself like they’re supporting her when yesterday they were dragging her around. They’re so hypocrite.

  1. Hey folks out there. I’m from Germany and I looove this site for years now. Can someone please load that fantastic moment up, so we can also watch it here in Germany? I’m so excited!

  2. I can not believe the mass of celebrities there for this; I can’t believe the people just randomly slotted in that big crowd, like Sandra Bullock.. I could go on forever listing, great that Gwen got to be right at the front!!!!

  3. If she showed up at the Emmys looking like this, nobody would’ve said a thing about her face, because she looks exactly like she did back in the days here lol. So funny how much of a difference hair and make-up can make.

    @DanielfromBerlin: Juhu, noch jemand aus Deutschland hier 😀

  4. YYY, totally, magic’s in the makeup! I believe that if Gwen steps out the house wearing any makeup, no one will recognise her. lol

  5. I’m sorry she looked weird last night. Something was way off in her upper face. Looked at old photos and I was shocked. Too much filler gwen! But she is still so cute and Iove her style last night

  6. Oooh, trank you very much for that link. Gwen was so cute…@yeahyeahyeah: hallo, ja ich komme aus Berlin.

  7. I glad this show is finally off the air, I only watched it for Gwen, I cant stand Chelsea Handler she seems so vulgar and rude of a person.

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