Video: Gwen Interviewed on ‘LIVE with Kelly and Michael’ (Updated)

Check out the video of Gwen being interviewed this morning for the first time on Live with Kelly and Michael. Co-host Kelly Rippa was super, super excited to have Gwen on the show and she stopped by the program last week while in New York to promote The Voice. The hosts both seemed like big fans of Gwen and thanked her coming on the program. Gwen joked with Kelly about them becoming the best of friends and traveling to Africa together!

She spoke about being back on The Voice and how it’s been the best experience of her life. She loves taking on the mentoring role and says it feels natural to her because of her children.

Gwen spoke again about “Used To Love You” and conveyed that it’s such a special song for her since it’s happening in real time. She looked incredible and we can tell how great of a place she is in right now personally!

11 Replies to “Video: Gwen Interviewed on ‘LIVE with Kelly and Michael’ (Updated)”

  1. I loved that look. So sparkly and nice. Her hair is also nice like that. I hope she won’t bring back the dip dyed tips.

  2. Aww this was really nice to watch,
    It’s cute seeing Gwen and Kelly together,
    I love Kelly from a show Hope & Faith I used to watch years ago 😀

  3. Agree about the money comment Amanda…it was a dig with out being one…so it was perfect…cause we all got the point! 😉

  4. I agree with @ndlover, she looks great and her hair looks so much better like this. She wore those juvenile black tips to DEATH & BACK

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