Video: Gwen Interview With The Look

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Check out a new interview with Gwen on the set of her Harper’s Bazaar photo shoot with The Look. Gwen talks about how this was not the first time she has worked with photographer Terry Richardson — No Doubt used to play with his band, Double Freak.

No Doubt used to play with Double Freak. It was pretty freaky. It was the L.A. scene, back in the day. I didn’t even realize it until I walked in and he was like, “Double Freak!” And I was like, “Oh my god… really?”

She loved all the music Terry played on set during her photo shoot. Gwen asked Terry to listen to Push and Shove cause she thinks it’s right up his ally and taste of music.

Gwen loves her top-knot bun and said she had a lot of fun with it on set and didn’t know it was going to “come out”. She says that she’s really feeling the color pink lately but hasn’t really thought about it for about ten years — since Return of Saturn.

She talks about how high school was really when she got into music and started shopping at thrift stores to create her own looks. Gwen says that she owns a lot of white tank tops and that’s always her go-to look. She keeps all of her costumes from past tours (which are in storage) and she likes to auction things off for charity.

7 Replies to “Video: Gwen Interview With The Look”

  1. I’ve been wondering something for a few weeks… did Gwen get an eyebrow lift or something? Something’s very different about her eyes…

  2. I think she’s actually had a couple of eye lifts. Also I think she had some filler placed in some weird areas, its not that noticeable but if you watch her sing on the first webisode when she squints her eyes you can see it in the corner. Her work is pretty damn good though, I always wondered who she went to to have it done.

  3. Yeah, she was looking wonky in one eye during the GMA performance. I really, really hope she doesn’t go too far with this. She is so naturally beautiful and has such a youthful face…

  4. yeah i see what you guys are saying, i mostly thought it was mainley alot of makeup [ your eyes look strange if you where alot. most likely it is botox though that has been pretty obvious over the last few years which is no big deal because it is not plastic surgery because nothing is getting moved around or lifted it is just a refresher. people cannot seem to understand that. if she continues to get that done on a minimum scale i do not see a problem.

  5. to add something on whenever her eyes look wonkie it is because of makeup or the old ‘suprised’ botox look, i cannot see how her eyes look different here or lately honestly…………

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