Video: Gwen’s Interview on The Today Show

Check out Gwen’s new interview with Matt Lauer on NBC’s The Today Show!

“What happened? All of a sudden I’m on TV!” Gwen says after Matt welcomed her to the NBC family. She talks again how everything happened so quickly for her, including her new “miracle” baby Apollo. Matt compliments Gwen saying how he has always been a fan and thought that she is an artist that spans generations.

While on The Voice, Gwen admits that she’s been looking for contestants with unique talents and says that musicians she looked up to growing up may not have had the best singing voices but we special. But in the moment, Gwen found herself attracted to voices that she normally wouldn’t gravitate towards (i.e. soulful singers). Matt messes around with her and asks her to try and pitch to him to join “Team Gwen”. “What’s up… obviously you wanna be with Team Gwen…” She does her now famous peace-signs around the eyes which makes them both laugh. She’s so incredibly charming! Gwen calls it “awkward” when having to advertise herself to win over some of the contestants saying “I’m so great! But it’s fun because I look back at all the things that I have done and like, wow, I have a lot of advise to give!” Because she’s been through so many stages in her career, she feels confident in herself alongside her other coaches.

5 Replies to “Video: Gwen’s Interview on The Today Show”

  1. How come Gwen always says that all of this happened by accident??? She puts a lot of effort and work into what she does, nothing comes by accident or by luck.

  2. She probably has a good manager / agent that brokers all these deals for her, if all of a sudden she got that TV job without wanting it!

  3. I think this will help her confidence a lot. There really isn’t anyone else like her. Her stage presence, her songwriting, her business sense, her traditional/moral views, her tomboy-who-loves-makeup style… They can learn a lot from her.

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