Video: Gwen Interview Clip From Fishbone Documentary “Everyday Sunshine”

A short clip of Gwen’s interview featured in “Everyday Sunshine”, the new Fishbone documentary, has popped up online. The footage was shot back in the summer of 2009 cause you can see that it was filmed prior to a show on the road. Interviews with the whole band is said to be in the documentary but only the Gwen one is available at this time. She talks about how people were confused on how to take Fishbone in. Herself and the band have been fans of them since the late 1980s. Gwen’s part in the interview kicks in at 2:02. I tried embedding the video, but the link does not seem to be working. Click here to see it.

The DVD is set to release soon and is still being shown in select theaters.

“There was a bit of confusion of like who is the Fishbone audience. Where do they fit in? It’s not in the like, kind of, black world and it’s not in the white world, it’s somewhere in between.”

We uploaded it to YouTube for everyone!

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  1. wow, madame tussauds did a fantastic job with the wax figure, because i definitely saw the above photo of the real gwen and thought it was from the museum for a second! oops!

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