Video: Gwen Filming Her Acceptance Speech For Bravo A-List Awards

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Whoops! Looks like the cat is out of the bag! Gwen was caught filming her acceptance speech for the Bravo! A-List Awards (for fashion), which airs April 15. In the speech she explains that she can’t be there (which reports are saying she is) because she’s supposed to be rehearsing for the upcoming tour, but she’s out “shopping” instead. It’s really, really, cute! Gwen! You look so fabulous! Photos coming soon, video taken from X17 this afternoon.

Two things:

First, Gwen is actually smiling for the cameras.

And second, she’s taking the whole “boyfriend” jean to a new level, opting for a paper-bag waisted version that we gotta admit we totes love!

Ok, so she was out on Melrose shooting an acceptance speech for a Bravo style award (which explains the smiling and the hot look), but still, it’s rare to see her so friendly in public these days!

And as for receiving a style award? We can’t think of anyone more deserving! She may be almost 40, but she’s still fab and a fashion trendsetter!

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