Updated: Gwen Discusses New Album with Access Hollywood

In a new interview with Gwen from last night’s Harajuku Lovers launch party with Chasing Fireflies, she spoke excitedly about the progress she’s making on her new album and admits she’s making it more for herself.

Gwen shared that she’s been working in the studio for the past two days and has called her new songs magic. She seems ecstatic about her upcoming record and teased us but saying she has about 18 songs written. “You don’t understand right now how I excited I am. It doesn’t get more exciting!”

She went on to talk about her inspirations for the album and calls is a blessing. “New Music — music period — being on The Voice, and being around all that music, sharing everybody’s stories, thinking back at what I’ve done — it’s just been magical. And I know that it has a lot to do with my record. When I took the job [The Voice], I just got so much out of it in a spiritual way that I never thought I would.”

When asked what we’ll be hearing from her on the new album, Gwen shared that she only had three hours of sleep the previous night and has been woking in the studio non-stop. “The thing is that, this album is literally for me.” She seems at a loss of words when trying to describe what’s going through her head and says that she’s still trying to “digest” all of her new material since it’s so fresh. “I’ve never written like this before. I started writing at the end of June. I have probably 18 songs. Every single time I’ve been in the studio, I’ve written a song. It’s the biggest, most incredible, unexpected blessing. Music is awesome! Like insane magic.”

Gwen told People that she has “nothing to hide” on this next album and the article states that we should expect something “honest and truthful” from her.

And in case you missed it, in a recent interview with Yahoo, Gwen said that a new single is on the way “soonish” and says that she has a few in mind that she would like to release first. She also discussed what she’s been working on in length and says that she’s not able to reveal whom she has been collaborating with just quite yet.

9 Replies to “Updated: Gwen Discusses New Album with Access Hollywood”

  1. i am not holding my breath , she looks excited, but i hardly believe it gonna get me that excited..

    coz iv been desappoited so many times,

    i just rly hope, i would be hearing GWENS SONgs the whole time as i used to do, i still listening to some oldies such as DETECTIVE such a good one . But come on gwen U need HITSSSSSSSSSSSS

  2. Omg! Seeing her like that makes me so excited. Gwen we need you! :’D I really do hope this is a amazing album even if it’s just for us! a hit or two would be good though to make Gwen feel amazing.

  3. I’m glad she said she’s making it more for her. That should mean she’s not so concerned about getting a hit so we could hopefully expect some meaningful lyrics and nothing over produced. It makes me excited she said we should expect a single soon!

  4. this is perfect! she got out of an unhappy marriage and instead of becoming a victim of her own themes ( running out of time, balancing too much, etc etc ) she now has the time to herself to focus and hear her own thoughts. this is like when nd went to jamaica – that worked so well because it was inspired and isolated. Right now she is writing from an emotional and raw place! i wouldn’t be surprised if we get everything and more out of this magical album

  5. I just love how she talks about her new music lately. This is like a 180° spin from what we have heard last year when she seemed a little lost and not really excited during interviews. I am more optimistic now that it was the best decision to push the album back and not release something at the end of 2014 just for the sake of it.

  6. Remember when BDL & STF where being released and she did a whole lot of talking about her new album coming. The other day I was talking with 2 friends and they already thought her new album was out LOL. its hard for me to take anything she says seriously. It all sounds great though. What I wanna hear more from an interview more than anything is her address the divorce. I know her team is probably behind every reporter making sure there is no mention of it but she’s going to have to address it sometime… I think it would be so much smarter to do it now rather than when and if an album comes out and its not being over shadowed

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