Video: Gwen Backstage with The Rolling Stones

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Bummer! It looks as if The Rolling Stones have taken down the video as of now. We will let you know when it’s back up.

The Rolling Stones have shared a new backstage interview with Gwen after her special duet on “Wild Horses” while the Stones debuted their tour in Los Angeles. You can see how excited she was to perform with lead singer Mick Jagger and says she is a huge fan of the song. The video also features high quality footage of the performance which is really cool to see. It was such a huge honor for Gwen and we couldn’t be any more proud of her!

12 Replies to “Video: Gwen Backstage with The Rolling Stones”

  1. How can you fuck up a song that bad when you are the lead singer of a band and have performed probably thousands of times? I thought she did ok when I had no idea how the song was supposed to be sung or the lyrics but after I looked it up it was horrible. It was a big honor though, just wish she would have done better.

    1. Alissa, it looks like the band has made the video private for some reason. The other official one with Gwen has been taken down as well.

  2. @SImon I noticed the same thing, and she has been doing it a lot lately. I truly hope it’s from lack of rehearsel and not something more like memory loss.

  3. I remember when she messed up the REM lyrics years ago she beat herself up about it, so maybe it’s a wake up call that she needs to rehearse more!

    Too bad this video was taken down! I’d like to see it 🙁

  4. Simon, yes it’s been happening more lately, but whats weird about it, is that Tom tweeted this about it….

    “Wow well that was incredible, well sung @gwenstefani !! one of my fav songs #wildhorses”

    I hope he just said it was well sung cause he was there live at the venue and he couldn’t hear her that well… other wise….. I just hope he doesn’t encourage her like this in the studio when at least 8 out of 10 people would call this performance bad.

    They may have taken down the videos cause it could hurt her image and what not. Gwens handlers have taken down her stuff before, including performances, recordings and posts she’s made on-line. This is nothing new.

  5. Chaser, I think Tom is good at hyping stuff on Twitter (nothing wrong with that) but it seriously was bad. I do think it’s due to lack of rehearsal. I just don’t understand why her live performances have been horrible lately. It’s like if you really don’t give a crap enough to go out and sing decently and remember the words, then throw in the towel. She can be so good, like with the Kennedy Center Awards when they did the 3 Beatles songs, but other times it’s like this. I always thought No Doubt should rehearse more when they have downtime. Gwen dude, get your head back in the game, soon!

    1. Agreed! Her head is so obviously not on what she’s doing. I remember those “Looking Hot” performances, the AMA comes to mind, where she clearly looked bored and like she’d checked out a long time ago. I get it — two young sons, three fashion lines, plus her musical duties in and out of ND, that’s A LOT. But if you can’t rehearse enough to sound decent, I could forgive the messed up lyrics cause lord know she’s fucked up her own songs enough times…, then why bother?

      “Wild Horses” would’ve sounded better if she had rehearsed more.Hell, if they’d chosen a different song it could have turned out ok.

  6. I guess when you spend an hour every morning picking out your outfit and putting on your make up, then another hour getting kids ready, there’s no time to warm up your vocals, its not like you can do that in the car or anything…..Yeah in reality we lost Gwen and ND back in 2002….all though that 2009 tour was great and amazing, I can’t believe Gwen fit back into that roll so well after her solo crap. Maybe she just needs a rest?

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