Photos/Video: Grammy Performance of “My Heart Is Open”



Gwen and Adam Levine surprised Grammy viewers tonight with their debut live performance of their Maroon 5 collaboration ballad, “My Heart Is Open”. Gwen sounded fantastic and looked stunning in a deep red Versace gown!

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25 Replies to “Photos/Video: Grammy Performance of “My Heart Is Open””

  1. So great. I also have noticed recently she has looked more beautiful than ever. Hopefully it will be sent to radio and we will get a video real soon!

  2. Is it just me or she was a little bit nervous? It’s natural. I loved the performance, so proud of her <3

  3. she looks georgeus with that red dress! but on the last picture she looks extremely thin o.O, maybe is the pose, but doesn’t look healthy :/

  4. I think it’s the pose and the angle, cause she looks totally different in the other pics. lol Kinda odd! I bet people are leaving stupid comments on her instagram.

    I loved the performance. They owned that stage. And I’m glad it’s doing well on the charts. I really think Gwen should release Start A War as her next single. That’s a safe choice for her. MHIO is being well received. If interscope wanted to test the waters then this is proof what the public want from Gwen.

  5. i thought the performance was good. i think i prefer this song live. for once i could stomach adam levines voice, i guess cause it wasn’t pitched up as it is in the song. and gwen sounded good.
    lets be honest, the performance wasn’t spectacular especially in the context of all the other performances that night. but think they did really well at what the set out to do.
    gwen always look beautiful, but wow did she looked amazing.

    “There’s a hotel lounge somewhere … with an empty stage … that still wouldn’t book those two for that performance. I saw No Doubt perform last summer and it convinced me Gwen Stefani was totally slept-on as a performer. Too bad she was held hostage in a Nissan Altima tonight.”


  7. ^ Obviously that was written by someone who dislikes her music. Haters gonna hate.

    The song is currently #25, but at the same time it’s not, cause there are 2 different editions people are buying the song from. So basically the song is doing much better. Probably it’d be like #16 by now if it was just one edition.

    #25 United States (Deluxe Edition)
    #180 United States (Standard Edition)

  8. yeah the reviews haven’t been great but the song is mediocre at best. I thought they did what they could with it and sounded great. And Maroon 5 is the biggest band in the world right now so if it is released as a single it is guaranteed at least top 20

  9. Why focus on the negative? no one, am talking about the fans is saying it was the most amazing thing ever. I think they did well and its great to see her perform new songs again.

    Her gig on saturday got great reviews its good to see Gwen getting her mojo back lol did she go to any after parties?

  10. The performance has received mixed reviews but it’s not all negative. Personally It think it was a great performance. They performed the song the way they should and did a terrific job, and like someone said on the forum, what were people expecting, fireworks? lol

  11. I don’t think there are too many bad pictures of Gwen out there, but that’s one of them. Eek.

    Is there a working link to this performance???

  12. Thank you Jenny 🙂

    It’s so bizarre that he performed this without his band lol I think Gwen sounded a lot better than Adam. It’s still a medicore/forgettable song though and I think I’d prefer it not to be a single… she can do better 😉

  13. I don’t care about the negative reviews at all, because obviously people are buying this on iTunes and that’s really all that matters. Yeah we get it, it’s cool to hate on older artists these days… I think their performance was far from perfect and obviously MHIO isn’t a very thrilling song, but still I think those harsh reviews are undeserved.

    All these reviewers will changed their minds, if this gets nominated for a Grammy next year 😉

  14. adam is just soooo douchey to me, maroon5 doesn’t seem like anyone gwen would work with,,, this is only cuz of the voice. aside from not liking adam/m5 id rather see her on the stage than not

  15. Keep streaming “My Heart Is Open” on Spotify and youtube. The streaming will count towards Billboard chart count ending this weekend.

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