Video: Dita Von Teese Praises Gwen For Having “Distinctive Style”

In an older interview with pin-up burlesque icon Dita Von Teese (2010), when asked if there are other icons that she admires and looks around to, she mentions Gwen for being a “great lady” and praises her for her distinctive look and for creating it by herself rather than being followed around by a “glam squad”. Huge thanks to Roxanna for sending in the video to us!

I transcribed everything that she says about Gwen and you can check out what she says in the video around 5:45.

“I’m a big fan of Gwen Stefani and I think she has a real distinctive look. She’s sort of, I’m from Orange County, she’s sort of from our teenage years, and there is a real feel about what she does. She speaks to the Orange County and rockabilly-retro scene, which is where I come from. So I’m a big admirer of her and also cause she’s a really great lady and has a very distinctive style which is not done by a team of stylists. There’s a few girls out there that use stylists and hair and makeup people, but there’s a few people that can actually do that themselves, and she’s [Gwen] one of us. She doesn’t need the glam squad to trail her around. She does her face paint like I do in front of the mirror every night.”

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