Videos: Bush’s “Glycerine” Live Featuring Gwen

Here are a few videos of Bush’s “Glycerine” live from last night’s KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas with a special appearance from Gwen! They sound spectacular together and looked so cute onstage. What a special moment it must have been for everyone! It’s pretty incredible seeing Gwen rocking out too once the band comes in towards the middle.

Click here for tons of photos from the event.

Tom had mentioned that he was heading out to see tonight’s second part of KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas.

8 Replies to “Videos: Bush’s “Glycerine” Live Featuring Gwen”

  1. Wow, they all sounded really amazing when the band came in! I’ve never seen them do it that way before!

    I never noticed how much Gavin has beefed up! Wow! It’s crazy how they look nearly the same 17 years later.

  2. WOW! I love KROQ and Bush, Gwen Stefani joining them is just amazing! BTW, I saw a Bush concert in August, and it was just mindblowing. What a great live band they are.

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