Videos: BTS of “Spark The Fire” Video (Updated)

Gwen has shared videos featuring behind-the-scenes footage from her new video for her single “Spark The Fire”. Filmed over two days in Los Angeles with Sophie Muller, the video showcases both the green-screen and night club scenes. She mentions the new Harajuku Lovers cartoon and shared that she’s always wanted to do something with animation since releasing her first solo album in 2004.

Gwen had her cartoon team create emojis for the video to convey the lyrics throughout the video.

She also admitted that she wanted to recreate Prince’s cloud pantsuit from his “Raspberry Beret” video.

9 Replies to “Videos: BTS of “Spark The Fire” Video (Updated)”

  1. Lets not get depressed things didn’t happend as planned, whatever I just hope she doesn’t loses the light the great time she’s having again and hides for another 5 years becasuse all the issues that happened before on her personal life get her again. THAT would be fucking awfull and sad for real.

  2. Yeah I agree Jossy! Hopefully it won’t bring her down. I’d hate if she only released more material in 5 years. Yikes!

  3. She looks great! I don’t think STF is going to be a hit. I wish this era would create some magic like her previous outings.

  4. It’s too bad it didn’t do anything on the charts. She is so excited about it and trying so hard. Bad bad timing…

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