Video: BTS Of Gwen Recording “The Rainbow Connection”

Check out a quick preview of Gwen in the studio recording “The Rainbow Connection” for the upcoming We Love Disney compilation due October 30.

Though we aren’t able to hear the track yet, it’s nice to see Gwen in the studio alongside producer David Foster recording the song. You can see her in the clip at :22.

Fans are able to pre-order the album now on iTunes as well as purchase the Disney Collectors Box Set which includes the vinyl, lithographs, t-shirt and more. We’re assuming that this footage along with others in the studio may be available in the Box Set.

6 Replies to “Video: BTS Of Gwen Recording “The Rainbow Connection””

  1. Yeah I’d like to watch the exclusive DVD that will be in the box. Hopefully they will upload some of that footage/interviews to youtube.

  2. @ndlover, I agree, id LOVE to see her there! On a side note im not too excited about Miley Cyrus… She really over does it and tries too hard

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