Video: BTS Interviews with Gwen for ‘The Voice’ Season 9

ScreenSlam has shared interview clips with Gwen from behind-the-scenes of The Voice for season 9. In the interviews, Gwen discusses how she’s writing music at this time, working with her fellow coaches and how she feels like she knows what she’s getting into this time around on the show.

“I’m really in a writing mode again, so I’m writing music, so I feel really connected to music right now.” She talks about how everyone feels music the same way but hears it differently. She says that music has always been so emotional for her and calls is magic.

Gwen says that she feels oddly comfortable around her fellow coaches Blake Shelton, Pharrell Williams and Adam Levine this time around. She shares that growing up she considered herself a girly-girl but embraced more of her tomboy side after getting into music and touring with No Doubt. “I’ve always been surrounded by boys. I have three boys of my own at home, the band, and now these guys. Our chemistry is really great because we all do music.”

She talks about how she’s known Pharrell for quite some time but has grown very close to him since being on the show together. Gwen talks about how she didn’t know Adam at all before The Voice but really enjoys being around him and admires his competitiveness and funny personality. With Blake, she says that she’s never been around someone like him (“country-cowboy guy”) but finds that their tastes are similar in contestants and loves listening to him talk about music. Gwen calls being on the show an unexpected dream and she’s looking forward to this season since she has more experience under her belt.

Gwen says that she feels like she has a great team this season. She feels like it’s such a different experience with hearing contestants during the Blind auditions and then sitting down with them at a piano and rehearsing. These interviews seemed to be taped right after the Blind auditions since Gwen seems really excited to learn more about her team during the next step.

Gwen shares that being on The Voice is one of the greatest things she’s ever done. “I’ve made records, toured, I’ve done shows, I’ve done so many incredible things in my life. But to do something fresh and new and I’m actually learning something, sharing something, playing a role where I’m actually giving… it’s just perfect timing. I think I’ll look back at it and go, ‘Whoa, that was a magical time and I wish I was still doing that.'”

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  1. I’m glad she’s enjoying writing music again. I’m sure she has a lot to say in this next chapter of her life!

    And how gorgeous does she look there!!!

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