Video: BTS Footage From ‘Constantine’

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In a behind-the-scenes segment from the movie Constantine, which starred Gwen’s husband Gavin Rossdale, Gwen is seen in the background. In the video, we see Gavin go under a huge makeup transformation for his character in the film. You start seeing Gwen around 1:12 mark in the video who joined Gavin on-set during shooting in 2004.

11 Replies to “Video: BTS Footage From ‘Constantine’”

  1. Thanks for the links! Kelly Cooper is a good friend of the site and is the sweetest. I’m pretty sure I’ve shared those on the site quite some time ago. That skirt rocks!

  2. He is quiet good AMANDA G he was excellent in CONSTANTINE.
    I’ve also seen him in an episode of Criminal Minds and he was very good in that as well.

  3. He was great in Criminal Minds. I’ve also seen him in The Bling Ring but it was such a small role. I think he deserved a bigger role. While we’re at it, I would love to see Gwen on the big screen again. I hope she gets another opportunity but with a bigger role this time around.

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