Video: Bridge School Interview With Tony And Gwen

These videos have been really empowering. In the second Bridge School interview (first one was with Adrian and Tom), Gwen and Tony sit down with the children and answer some of their favorite questions. They are asked what their favorite movies are, and Gwen responds with “The Sound of Music,” and Tony’s all-time favorite is “Star Wars.” He mentions that his dad took him to see it back when he was little and he still gets goosebumps every time he watches it. The super-cute reporter asks who is their favorite superhero, and Gwen says that the little girl is her super hero (aww!). She also really likes Wonder Woman… even though she had to be reminded what it was she actually did, lol. Tony’s favorite is Superman cause he’s a great guy, which was also the little girl’s.

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  1. OMG that is just the cutest thing ever. Those kids need to interview ND all the time! They ask much better questions than real reporters LOL

  2. What a touching video-Gwen and Tony were so sweet and gracious,and it was so nice of Gwen to tell the little girl that she is her favorite superhero.Gwen IS Wonder Woman 😉

  3. Just shows exactly how awesome they are. Gwen and Tony were sweet and you could tell that little girl absolutely loved getting hugs from them. Its too great for words

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