Video: Behind the UDxGwen Collaboration

Urban Decay have shared a special behind-the-scenes look at Gwen’s collaboration makeup collection, UDxGwen. The video includes interviews with Gwen and UD co-founder Wende and we’re given a glimpse into the design of the unique cases, shades and photo shoots. Gwen shares that she wanted the collection to be “chic” and “timeless” and feels honored to be involved. Wende also says some incredible things about Gwen’s character and it’s such a pleasure to watch and appreciate as a fan.

Make sure to check out to shop the entire collection including the latest from the spring line including lipsticks, liners, brow box and blush palette.

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  1. Interesting how most of the promo is through social media… Im surprise they didn’t market the lipstick individually like the eyeshadow esp since lipstick is Gwen’s trademark. It would have nbem nice to see a full scale commercial.

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